Update: Project Battle Angel Alita – Hard Tube Bending and Leak Test

Here’s a quick update on our epic PC build – Project Battle Angel Alita. The build is almost complete. We’ve added some nice hard tubes to the system. These are the cleanest hard tubes I’ve done in years. Not bad … I guess being veteran helps 😛 Next, water leak test … wish me luck!

Cable management is also very important … This is the best I could do so far 😛  There’s a total of around 13 RGB devices (fans/accessories) from Thermaltake. These are all connected to three TT Sync Controllers.


RGB Lighting Check

Just wanted to make sure all the RGB lighting is functioning properly … especially after messing around with all the cables above.


The Leak Test

The most important part of the build … the Leak Test. After a few nervous moments, we successfully completed our leak test … luckily NO LEAKS 🙂


A big thanks goes out to our sponsors … #Thermaltake, #Zotac, #Patriot and #ASRock.



Watch this space for the finished project … coming REAL soon!


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