10 Free iPhone Video Editor Apps to Help Perfect Your Videos on the Go

People these days use their smartphones for all sorts of purposes, from shopping and general browsing online through to entertainment and communication. Using social networking sites on smartphones has become hugely popular, with many using these sites not only to message one another and add posts but also up upload photos and videos.

For those who have an iPhone, there are various apps available that can help when it comes to creating great videos to upload online. These apps are ideal for those who want to be able to perfect their videos on the go and many can be downloaded totally free of charge. This means that it costs you nothing to create fabulous videos to upload – and with these apps you can get the perfect results even when you are on the go.


Some free apps for video editing on your iPhone

Apple iPhones have become hugely popular because of the wide range of features and apps available. You can get some great deals on iPhones and if you are considering buying one of these phones you can save more money through OZCodes with discounts and deals available. You can then enjoy, download a range of free apps, including a great selection to help you create perfect videos. Some of the top video editing apps that are free for your iPhone include:


  • FilmoraGo: This is a great free app for adding special effects to make your videos and images stand out. You can also use it for the creation of slideshows. It offers direct sharing capabilities so you can share your videos with ease and also boasts a range of features and built-in themes.
  • Perfect Video: This free app is known for its great quality results and excellent features. You can create slideshows using the app as well as using a range of effects to help create great videos. You can also add text using the feature on this app.
  • Cute CUT: This is a full featured video editor offers a host of features. You can benefit from really professional results and the app is very simple to use. It has a great dashboard layout for ease of use and offers tools such as dozens of drawing tools, transitions, gradient effects and more.
  • Clipper: This app provides access to a number of features including the ability to create movies from your photos and videos. This instant video editor has a simple interface and enables you to crop videos with ease. You can also add music and add special effects in next to no time.
  • Video Editor: The free Video Editor app enables you to use a range of tools to create great videos. You can trim, merge and share videos effortlessly using this app. You can upgrade for a fee and this will enable you to access more features such as adding photos, music and voiceovers to your video.
  • Splice: Another option for those looking for a free video editor for their iPhone is Splice. This app lets you quickly connect photos and videos to create a movie, which you can then share online. You can also access features such as motion effects, borders, music, and trimming amongst other things.
  • Vimeo: You can use the Vimeo app  to find and watch videos on Vimeo but it can also be used as a great video editor. When you use this app you will be able to edit your videos with speed and ease. You can enhance your videos in a range of ways via this app, and you can then quickly upload them online.
  • iMovie: The iMovie app allows you to perfect your personal videos to make them stand out before you upload them. You can access a range of features that help to make video editing quick and simple. You can add matching titles, music and transitions as well as some great sound effects.
  • VivaVideo: The free VivaVideo app enables quick and simple video trimming and merging. Another great feature is to film content within the app itself while you apply real time special effects. You can benefit from access to a huge variety of themes, filters, transitions and stickers to use when editing and enhancing your video.
  • Magisto: This is the perfect free app for those with limited time to edit their own videos. This app largely does all of the work for you, as all you have to do is select the chosen video, choose a theme, pick out a soundtrack, and the app will do all the rest. It takes only minutes for this to be done.


With the use of these free apps, creating, editing, and sharing videos on your iPhone is easier than ever.


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