3 Indirect Benefits Of Using A VPN

Ideally, you should already be subscribed to a VPN service. After all, with hacking easier than ever, identity theft is rife. People around the world are losing money and opportunities because of unsafe online activity and a VPN is your first line of defense.

There are many other major reasons to use a VPN. It prevents governments – whether your own or forgein governments – from tracking you. It allows you to see content that government censorship would otherwise keep from you. It protects not just your privacy, but your freedom.

Aside from the most important reasons for using a VPN, there are also some indirect benefits. Here are the added bonuses of using a VPN.


1. Download torrents securely

Torrenting is not as popular as it once was. This is largely because of the prevalence of streaming services. You can get tons of content on Netflix, Prime, and Hulu for far less than you would pay for cable. And you can get unlimited access to music for just $10 a month. In the past, that would get you just one album!

However, there are still reasons to download torrents. Certain streaming services (I’m looking at you Disney+) just don’t have enough content to justify the extra monthly payment. This is especially true when it comes to the exorbitant prices they have charged for such releases as Mulan.

Furthermore, there is good content that you can still only get with a cable subscription. Click here to read more about using a VPN to keep your torrenting safe. Without one, you are leaving yourself incredibly open to legal issues.


2. Even more streaming content

Another benefit of using a VPN is that you can choose servers around the world through which to route your connection. This has the consequence of making websites think you are somewhere else. You can use this strategy to beat geo-restrictions imposed by streaming services.

Some content is only available in certain countries. By changing your location, you can get access to hundreds or thousands of hours of extra content, whether local or foreign.

Sites such as uNoGS allow you to search for series and movies to see which countries’ catalogue has the content you are looking for.


3. Shopping and research

VPNs are also excellent tools for shopping for certain products. For example, plane tickets are often priced according to your location, online history, and other searches. By using a VPN and opening up an incognito tab, you remain anonymous and can compare the prices you get with what prices are really on offer.

This anonymity is also useful when you are doing keyword research or researching how your products and websites are listing in searches. When you search without your VPN you only get to see how results come up in your location and with your online history. With a VPN and incognito tab, you can see whether the average person around the world would be likely to find it.

A VPN is crucial for security, but the added benefits are great too. Subscribe today if you haven’t already.


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