3 Ways to Silence Server Noise

Businesses usually have a limited budget, limited resources and a limited amount of space in their office. This lack of space can create an issue. In order for you to be able to run your business, you must have an IT infrastructure. When you do not have enough space for a dedicated server room, your server will need to be housed in a common area of your business. Servers sound like an A/C running on high, which can create a nuisance in your office.

The noise is the result of the numerous fans in the server that ensures the components of your server remain cool and able to function. The noise produced by these fans can be a distraction. For this reason, you do not want to place them in an area where employees must stay focused. If you are low on space and looking for a way to reduce your server noise, continue reading. We have three options that may help quieten the work environment.

12u_black_500px_fs Noise Isolating Server racks

Server racks can help organize your entire IT infrastructure. These shelves are metal and are manufactured so that they can easily hold several server units and all the cables. A better chassis plan is a great way to help you organize your IT infrastructure; however, they do not help reduce the noise from your servers. Because the server rack is basically a metal box, the sounds coming from the servers will be amplified. The server rack is similar to a speaker box.

Another option is to use a noise-isolating server rack. This allows you to organize your IT infrastructure while reducing the noise of the servers. This type of rack has foam sealed front and back doors to reduce your server noise. Because servers emit heat, the noise isolating server rack has large AC fans mounted to the bottom of the rack. These fans are extremely quiet and force air into the rack to help ensure your servers remain cool. In most cases, the noise isolating rack quietens the rooms so that an employee can make a telephone call right beside of the rack. There are many different models and designs of noise isolating server racks, which will ensure that you can find one that will house of all of your IT infrastructure’s components.



Soundproof Your Room

Another way to help decrease the noise from your servers is to soundproof your room. This can be accomplished by lining the walls of the room with carpet, foam or egg cartons. These will help absorb the sound. However, if you do not have a dedicated server room this is not a viable option.



Hosted Solutions

One of the newest ways business can handle their need for an IT infrastructure is to utilize the cloud. If you do not have enough space for a dedicated IT infrastructure, you may want to consider virtualizing your infrastructure and allowing a third-party to host your IT offsite. With cloud computing, you are responsible for the amount of computing your company requires. Furthermore, you can scale the amount of computing up or down, depending on your unique situation. If you want to silence your office, why not use the cloud. This service not only silences your office, but it will also save you on your utility bills.


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