4 Things You Should Do To Keep Your Tesla Battery Strong

Tesla’s vehicle performance relies heavily on its battery health. If you own one, you know how important it is to take excellent care of it. Failing to do so can lead to the need for a replacement which can be very expensive.

It’s not difficult to take proper care of your Tesla, and it only requires a few moments of your time every day. Check out these four great tips below to take care of your electric vehicle’s battery and keep it running strong!


1. Do Not Overcharge It

While your Tesla’s warranty options cover a great deal, you want to avoid costly repairs as much as possible. In order to keep your Tesla running at its peak performance, you must care for the battery by keeping it sufficiently charged.

Many people assume that you should charge the Tesla to its full capacity at 100% for maximum efficiency and longevity. However, this assumption is incorrect and actually hurts your battery’s effectiveness.

If you want to keep your battery strong and for it to last longer, it is recommended that you only charge it up to 90% because this allows your car to use its regenerative brakingability effectively. The only time a 100% charge may be necessary is for a very long car trip.

If your vehicle is already at 100%, there is no room for it to store energy from regenerative braking, so be mindful of this and set your charge settings to only allow up to 90% capacity.


2. Do Not Allow It to Go Under 20%

On the other hand, it’s not a good idea to allow your electric vehicle’s battery charge to go under 20% regularly. Constantly allowing the battery to drain down this low will ruin the performance of your Tesla in the future.

After all, its power is always being used even while it is parked. Tesla’s official website recommends avoiding battery depletion whenever possible to keep the vehicle running properly.

Battery degradation is a legitimate concern for any electric car and should be taken seriously. Prevent added degradation by keeping at least 20% or higher.


3. Avoid Frigid Temperatures When Possible

When taking care of any electric vehicle, you must be aware of the temperatures and how they can affect your battery life.

When faced with frigid temperatures for long periods of time, be aware that it could create an additional drain on your Tesla. This drainage is due to your car attempting to regulate its temperature and keep it from getting too cold.

According to consumer reports, most electric vehicles begin to lose range at 20 degrees Fahrenheit or colder. At these temperatures, your car will use extra power for things such as:

  • Cabin heater
  • Defroster
  • Seat heaters
  • Battery temperature regulation

Therefore, if you’re planning a long trip in cold weather, be prepared to charge your car more often than usual.


4. Avoid Constant Acceleration

If you have a heavy foot and tend to accelerate often, you need to break this habit in an electric car because it will drain your car much quicker.

Over time constant acceleration will reduce range and affect your vehicle’s performance. To keep your Tesla running smoothly, only accelerate when absolutely necessary.



Follow the above tips to keep your Tesla battery running long and strong!


  • Charge regularly
  • Keep in fairly warm temperatures (when possible)
  • Drive at steady speeds


  • Deplete regularly
  • Overcharge
  • Drive in excessively cold temperatures (when possible)
  • Accelerate speeds excessively

Finally, remember to keep your owner’s manual on hand, just in case!


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