5 Reasons MOBA Games Are So Addictive

Multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game players make up a large number of the video gaming population. From engaging in battles with several players to jumping in on adventures, the fun never ends. 

MOBA games like League of Legends and Dota 2 will give you the immersive gaming experience you have been looking for. Once you sit in front of your screen, it is almost impossible to stop playing until you are a MOBA Champion. Why are these games so addictive? Here’s why.


Escape From Reality

If you play MOBA games long enough, it can begin to feel as if you are in an entirely different world. Having somewhere you can always escape to is an amazing stress reliever. In games like these, you take on different characters and tour different places, which can be entirely new environments from what you are used to. The ability to control what happens also adds to the excitement. 

A year ago, news of COVID-19 was everywhere. Case counts kept rising and the whole world was in a state of confusion. This stressful environment is exactly what many people were trying to escape when they started playing MOBA games.


Challenges Keep You Motivated

In games like League of Legends, players start on the same level and have to work at moving up the tiers to get to the highest level. Every level comes with its own challenges and the  eagerness to get to the next level will keep you glued to your screen.

Although MOBA games may start easy, it will take some skills and experience to get to higher levels. The more you play, the better you get. The rewards you get as you conquer challenges give you something to always look forward to and everyone loves a good challenge.


Competitive Nature 

Humans are naturally competitive. To know that we are engaged in a battle with an opponent – even if it is just a game – can fill you with intense satisfaction. Hearing the cheers from your teammates, especially if you contributed greatly to the win, can bring a strong sense of accomplishment and pride. 

Even if you lose, knowing you had opponents who were as determined as you gives you a sense of teamwork and camaraderie. It also allows you to settle scores with friends or foes in a friendly, competitive way.  


Team Centered

Playing games on your own is fun, but playing with other players adds to the gaming experience. Players can come together from different geographical locations and backgrounds. It allows you to make friends and bond on a whole new level. 

When you play on a team, there is a certain level of trust that builds. The fact that you can’t see each other physically as you play creates an adventurous atmosphere as well. When you play MOBA games, you always look forward to being part of a team and succeeding together. 

People enjoy being a part of something, and MOBA games give players that sense of belonging.  



Most MOBA games are free, as long as you own a PC or gaming console and you have access to a good internet connection. Playing games that keep you engaged is one thing, but when the game is also free, it adds another level of satisfaction. MOBA games prove that not everything free is inferior in quality. Although there are costs to unlock certain characters and features, you can also play with no cost at all. 

MOBA games can get addictive very fast. If you are a student or a worker, trying to pull away from your game console to attend to other matters can be a struggle. This only proves how good these games are. They are worth playing, just make sure you set boundaries for yourself and maintain a healthy work-life-gaming balance. 


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