5 Tips for Free Minecraft Server Promotion

If you are looking for a few different ways that you can advertise Minecraft servers, you will find that this list includes some of the best:

Free Advertising

  1. The server listings are websites that will rank Minecraft servers based upon popularity, which is usually calculated by the actual votes that a server will get. Some popular servers will usually get thousands of views each day, so have a website that is ranked highly on these sites simply by obtaining a lot of votes will get you a great deal of reviews. If you would like a listing of the top server lists, you can take a look at “The Best Minecraft Server Lists To Use”
  1. YouTube can be another wonderful way to advertise the server. All you have to do is have a YouTube channel, then post a video that is related to your server. Things such as tutorials, plays, cinematics and more can be the best. Just be sure that you are occasionally mentioning that you are recording on your server and then give your IP. This way, whenever anyone visits and watches, they will be encouraged to join. It is also a good idea to put your IP in with the video description. If you post your videos every couple of days and then promote though forums, you will be able to get a lot of traffic pretty quickly. Try to record videos that are going to be related to popular game types, such as dropper and parkour.
  1. There is a website called Twitch that allows you to live stream your player in real time on your server for potential players. You can display the server IP along the top of your stream and viewers can join immediately if they like the stream. When you pick a game mode that is popular or running things such as competitions for building, you will be able to pick up a lot of viewers. However, you need to be able to stream for several hours at a time if you want to be effective and you always have to interact with the viewers. You can visit the Minecraft section on the Twitch site to learn more about examples of streaming.
  1. Another great alternative to Minecraft server hosting lists are Minecraft forums where you can target different audiences. In order to advertise on these, you simply have to go into the server section and post threads about your server along with a brief title. You should also put in a description that will summarize what players are able to do on your server along with some decent screenshots, videos or both. Anyone scrolling through forums will be able to see the post and will check it out if they like it.
  1. Another popular outlet with gaming today is Reddit. You can get a lot of traffic to your server and you simply have to post under the subreddit for Minecraft. Just be sure that you follow along with the subreddit rules or the post will end up being deleted automatically.


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