5 Ways Professional Gamers Are Taking Their Setup To The Next Level

Streaming platforms like Twitch are continuing to grow in popularity. For this reason, many gamers are finding new ways to cash in on their hobby.

If you’re planning to make money as a serious streamer though, you’re going to need a legendary setup. We’ve wrapped up some of the most exciting tech accessories you can use to turn your simple setup into a command center.


1. Backlit Keyboards

When you spend a lot of time PC gaming, your keyboard is your lifeline. A backlit keyboard can make you feel like the captain of your ship.

Customize the under-key lighting to match your mood or go with the theme of the game. If you’re playing a horror game, try out an ominous red. For Fortnight, try out bright vibrant blues and greens.

With accessories like the backlit keyboard, any game can easily become an immersive experience.


2. Professional Lighting 

Lighting is about more than just the fixture your room comes with. You can easily transform a boring office or extra bedroom into a chill gamer space by adding GLLS fixtures. Play with color, brightness, and design with flexible lighting solutions like Vivid Basic LED.

Professional streamers use lighting to give ambiance to their experience. Seeing a lamp and a ceiling fixture in the background of a stream is a little bit boring. Without needing to add any furniture or fancy decor, you can transform the space with a little lighting. Now the room looks futuristic and customized.


3. Custom Wall Hangings 

If you want to feel like a professional, this is a great way to start. Getting custom art or signage that represents your name, style, or even your sign-off phrase can make your setup feel personal.

When streamers sign on to watch you play, seeing your custom poster or LED word art will give them something to remember you by.  

Get a neon light that spells out your Twitch username, or a 3-D wall hanging of your logo or design. Professional streamers, YouTubers, and other digital gamers have been using this idea for years, and it always gives their setup that extra flair.


4. USB Microphone

We’re all used to hearing static with multiplayer gaming online. When you’re a professional gamer though, poor audio quality can lose views. People might log out or click away when they can’t hear your commentary well. This is why professional gamers often utilize high-quality USB microphones rather than their computer’s internal microphone.

The mic is easy to use and plugs right into the computer. It instantly improves audio clarity, which is great for games that include extensive audio that may compete with your voice.

The mic is especially useful for when you are playing multiplayer while streaming. If every member of your party uses a higher quality mic, it can make things much easier to listen to for both you and your viewers.


5. Gaming Chairs 

Gaming is relaxing, right? When you’re sitting in front of a screen for several hours a day, even gaming can start to take a physical toll.

The pros know that a good setup will include ideal seating. Ergonomic chairs not only look cool, but they help pros to work longer hours without feeling slouched or sore.


The Bottom Line 

If you want to look, feel, and play like a professional, try out some of these tips for elevating your setup. They can help turn your studio from a plain boring space into a customized zone for gaming.

Whether you stream, film, or just enjoy gaming, these ideas can help vamp up your setup and make it a space that you feel excited to use.


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