6 eSports Events 2019 in US You Should Not Miss

As eSports continues to gain traction worldwide, every enthusiast would have expected that this year, gaming industry would be feverish. So far, a lot of tournaments have gone down, and there is more to come. So, don’t feel left out just yet because eSports calendar still has a beehive of activities until winter.

We already have witnessed eSports premier league (ePL) events in different parts of United Kingdom. Presumably, you are also aware of several sponsorship deals that have been sealed between gaming companies, streamers and players.  Now, with a market cap projected to hit $1 billion by 2010, everyone is glued to the various eSports news channels and top gaming sites even as they look forward to League of Legends grand finale set to take place in Paris, France.


U.S.A is not left out of the booming cyber sports industry

Now, with lots of games to play, it would also interest you to note that America is set to stage several eSports events across the country. Therefore, it is that time you started considering booking a ticket to the U.S.A this summer in readiness for some of the most thrilling tournaments and events. Vegas is famous for its beautiful shows, so don’t hesitate and book cheap Vegas show tickets at Best-vegas.com. You wouldn’t regret being part of a cyber sports fraternity comprising of people drawn from all walks of life.

Now, without further ado, and with upcoming Las Vegas shows at the back of your mind, here is a quick run-through eSports events you should not afford to miss in the U.S:


Fortnite World Cup Finals

Fortnite is one of those cyber ports whose popularity continues to rise on the global arena. This year, all eyes are set on U.S soil for a tournament weekend. World Cup finals will take place from 26th to 28th July.  Qualifies for sol and duo entries are ongoing.

For starters, a look at Fortnite world cup standings will give you an impression that every attendee is set for one of the biggest cyber sports events in America. From Europe, NA West and East, a look at table standings from various participating regions reflects a watertight competition. Thus, viewers and gamers should expect a high-octane competition come the month if July.

With a prize pool amounting to $100 million, Fortnite 2019 finals are undoubtedly going to attract attention of millions worldwide.  It would, however, interest you to note that according to Epic Game, developer of Fortnite; there will be no selling of franchise. Moreover, participating teams will only get admission into the event on the premise of merit.


Evolution Championship Series

Evo, as it is often called, is a fighting video game that continues to grow by leaps and bounds in a gaming scene already dominated by giants. It is one of the most anticipated eSports events set to take place in the United States this year. On your calendar, therefore, mark 2nd to 4th August as the confirmed event dates so that you don’t miss booking a flight on time.

Evolution Championship Series will be staged in Las Vegas, the more reason why August is the best time to visit America this year. Viewers can look forward to witnessing a high-level adrenaline rush as competitors take on each another in games such as Street Fighter VB, Tekken 7, Dragonball FighterZ and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.


Dreamhack Dallas

Dreamhack Dallas 2019 is scheduled for May 31 to June 2 in Dallas, Texas, at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center. Ticketing for the event is ongoing. Thus, you have a real chance of being part of the best Vegas Fortnite Finals then head over to Dallas to create more memories attending a 3-day event featuring everything eSports under one roof. There will be professional players, hardcore games, and casual enthusiasts in attendance.


Game for Change Event

If you’ve always wanted to learn about eSports and how it impacts research, healthcare, education, social life and civics, then this year’s event dubbed Game for Change is for you.  Slated for 17th June in New York, U.S.A, it is a festival of sorts bringing together gaming developers and enthusiasts.  

Attendees will have one-on-one interactive sessions with creators and also get to listen to a panel of change markers on the future of gaming. Talk about demos, expo, networking sessions and workshops, Game for Change Festival is one you should not afford to miss.


Serious Play Conference, Orlando

Another event coming up in the U.S.A is the Serious Play Conference that will take place in Orlando. It will bring together game developers and implementers of game-based learning. There will be sessions led by key stakeholders in the education and the gaming industry at the University of Central Florida.


PAX West

PAX West is regarded as a major gaming expo in America. This year, there will be more. From the launching of the latest games, board games events, stage shows, announcements on upcoming titles, and more. PAX West is an event scheduled for 1st August 2019 in Seattle, U.S.A.


Dreamhack Atlanta

You can book your space for all Dreamhack events in the U.S. because once curtains come down on Dallas’s event; all eyes will be focused on Atlanta. The latter will take place between 5th and 7th November. It is a festival for the world of gamers brings together friends, lovers of eSports and developers. Hi-Rez Expo has already sent made it clear that attendees will have one-on-one engagement with Paladins World Championships and SMITE.


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