The Biggest eSports Events in 2020 to Bet On

April 22, 2020 0

Even with what’s happening around the world, 2020 is set to have some tremendous eSports events, even if that means date postponements or even tournaments without any stadium spectators. For people who enjoy sports betting,

6 eSports Events 2019 in US You Should Not Miss

May 21, 2019 0

As eSports continues to gain traction worldwide, every enthusiast would have expected that this year, gaming industry would be feverish. So far, a lot of tournaments have gone down, and there is more to come.

Computex 2017 Booth Babes – Encore

August 31, 2017 0

I just realized that we didn’t get around to post our Computex 2017 Booth Babes. So here it is once more. Enjoy.      The Girls Photo credit: Tony So   Related articles Computex 2017

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