6 Types of Customer Support to Grow Your Business

Positive client experiences are vital to the success of a business because it keeps customers happy while reinforcing your brands image. Poor customer service can scare off even the most loyal of customers, resulting in a loss of profit for your company.

Below, we’ll go over 6 popular types of customer support to grow your business and keep customers satisfied. 


1. Live Chat 

Live chat is a form of omnichannel support. It allows you to speak virtually with multiple clients simultaneously, something a phone call isn’t able to do. It’s the fastest response option for customers, and it gives them the chance to continue with their daily tasks while they chat with a live agent.


  • Assist customers in real-time
  • Agents can help multiple customers 
  • Have a chat window open on your screen while exploring customization options


  • Difficult to read customer’s emotions


2. Email

Electronic mail is a great way to exchange messages between businesses and customers. It’s one of the most trusted channels of communication because of how affordable and easy it is to use. You even have the option to respond with email templates saving you time. And, when you receive an email from a client, you’ll have a record of previous conversations. Having this information easily accessible saves time, money, and energy for both you and the customer. 


  • Affordable (it’s free in most cases)
  • Provides a written record of conversations 
  • Users can easily attach images and documents 
  • Keeps customers and businesses connected 


  • Lack of human interactions


3. Phone Calls 

Phone support continues to be the main option of support for customers and business owners alike. It can be the best and easiest option for those who aren’t familiar with technology or just simply rather do things the good old fashioned way. 


  • Offers call back feature 
  • Offers resolution on the first call
  • Easier to evaluate the customer’s tone and emotions
  • Great for non-tech savvy customers


  • Long hold times can affect a customer’s experience
  • Agents can’t handle multiple calls at the same time 



4. Self-Service

Nowadays, customers want to feel empowered to have the opportunity to solve their own issues. A self-service knowledge base will provide answers to simple queries. This type of customer service support usually comes as frequently asked questions on the website.  


  • Available to existing and future customers
  • Reduce support tickets amount
  • Great for customers who do their own research beforehand


  • It may be difficult for customers to find relevant information 


5. Video

Some people still like receiving normal help face to face. It helps when you’re able to see facial expressions to tell how the customer is feeling. Video support offers all the same benefits as if it were in person, within the comfort of your own home. 

Videos don’t always have to be live. You are also able to provide recorded walkthroughs or demonstrations and share them via social platforms or on the business website. 

Who doesn’t like receiving help without having to leave their house? 


  • Personalized one on one interactions
  • Schedule video meetings quickly
  • Uploaded videos can reduce ticket volume


  • Not suitable for non-tech savvy people
  • Issues with low internet connection


6. Interactive Voice Response

Interactive Voice Response allows customers to interact with agents using voice or mobile keypad to handle basic customer requests. It’s an automated telephone system that allows you to speak or use the dial pad to respond.


  • Available 24/7/365 days
  • Improve and reduce call flow by routing customers to the appropriate agent
  • Help customers with simple questions without having an agent present
  • Updated frequently to store new and relevant information


  • Limited IVR options may cause customer frustration 



Which Type of Customer Service is Best For Your Business? 

Offering a combination of these customer service tools is an easy way to improve customer support. Your customers will appreciate the flexibility involved with solving their issues. The best methods for your business depend on a few factors like your target audience, budget, and company size. 


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