6 Valuable Cheat Codes That Make Grand Theft Auto Even More Awesome

Cheat codes are not as inherently evil as some might believe. Some players do use cheat codes to gain an advantage over their opponents, but there are also positive reasons for game hacking. For example, some codes add more excitement to the game or unlock new experiences. 

Unsurprisingly, game hacking forums like Guided Hacking Forum continue to see rapid growth in popularity as more players look for ways to make their gameplay more enjoyable.

Take Grand Theft Auto (GTA) for example. GTA VI is currently in development and its release is not happening any time soon. Fans have to be content with GTA V which is now eight years old. That is a long time for fans to wait, but GTA V is not just any other game. Despite its age, fans are still getting plenty of replay value from it. Cheat codes are a key reason why. Here is a look at some of the most helpful GTA V cheat codes.


1. Fast Run

Rockstar Games, GTA’s publisher, has distinguished itself as the gold standard for open-world games. There is vast terrain for players to explore in the enormous map of GTA V. So though the game has been around for eight years now, there is much of the GTA world that gamers have not seen. Secrets lurk around every corner – whether it is an interesting or strange sculpture or wall mural.

Since the game’s characters can only move so fast and because that they slow down after a while, the Fast Run cheat code can be a lifesaver if you are trying to get around quickly.

2. Fast Swim

Like the Fast Run, Fast Swim is primarily a time saver. GTA swimming levels are often considered sluggish and make movement in water tedious. The Fast Swim cheat code makes the character swim faster as they make their way to the various jet skis and yachts.

Also, since GTA V’s map is one of the best in the GTA series, players have moved to the sea in an effort to unlock new secrets. The Fast Swim comes in handy in this regard.

3. Explosive Punches

The Explosive Punches cheat code is one of the main reasons GTA V remains popular. After keying in the cheat code, anyone the character punches will be sent flying by an explosion.

The good thing is the target of Explosive Punches does not have to be people only. You can use them on a post box, vehicle or, if you have a flair for the dramatic, a gas station.

4. Explosive Bullets

Explosive Bullets work in the same way as Explosive Punches. Anything the bullet strikes will explode, whether it’s a garbage truck or an enemy. But the one area where Explosive Bullets has an edge over Explosive Punches is you can make any bullet from any gun explosive.

That means players can use a sniper rifle to cause explosions from far away. Have fun picking off entire helicopters and jets – armed with just a sniper rifle.

5. Recharge Special Ability

GTA V is the first game in the series to give players multiple characters they can play with. Each playable character comes with their own unique ability. Franklin can slow down time when he is behind the wheel, Trevor goes into fits of rage, while Michael is king of bullet time.

However, these special abilities only last for a limited time after which the player has to wait for it to recharge. With the Recharge Special Ability, players have near unlimited access to their special powers which is especially helpful during protracted gunfights.

6. Drunk

Cheat codes are supposed to increase entertainment value. When it comes to making GTA V amusing, it is hard to go wrong with the Drunk cheat code. It does not alter gameplay much but it can be hilarious. Characters sway back and forth as they ramble unintelligibly through the game.

Of course, if your favorite playable character is Trevor, chances are you have already played drunk. Perhaps that is why he is one of the favorite characters of the GTA series.

Make That Move

Use these cheat codes to give your GTA V playing experience a new lease on life while patiently waiting for the next version of the game to be released.


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