Affordable Home Security Upgrades for the 21st Century

Whether you have a classic car or a man cave with a 4K TV in your garage, valuables like these need protection, especially since the second most common entry point for a burglar is through the garage. Luckily, advances in technology have given homeowners new tools to protect them and their prized possessions. Here’s a look at some home security upgrades for the 21st century you shouldn’t be without.

Smart Locks

The more you know about your home the better. This includes who is in it and when. Smart locks sync with an app on your smartphone, as well as the smartphones of other people in the family. Through the app, you’ll see a log of when people come and go. You can even share a “guest key” with the dog walker or house cleaner. The app will alert you when they enter and leave the house respectively. Smart locks on all your doors will ensure you know who and when someone is in your home.


Your Smart Garage

Take control of your garage with a Smart Garage Unit. Use your smartphone or another mobile device to easily open and close your garage door no matter where you are. There’s no more code pad that could be hacked or hidden key that could be stolen. The MyQ by Chamberlain is easy to set up and connects directly with your Wi-Fi router. Just download the app for either iOS or Android and you have complete control. It also works with Alexa or Google Home.

For those who are more tech-savvy and want even more nuanced options, the MyQ is also compatible with IFTTT (If This, Then That), which allows owners to program their own protocols for when their garage door opens and/or closes. However, MyQ use with Google Home or IFTTT does require a subscription of one $1 a month or $10 a year.

Security Camera System

While high-end security camera systems have long been reserved for large businesses, the advance of technology has driven the cost of even the most state-of-the-art security camera system down. For instance, Lorex Technology’s new line of home security cameras offers two-way talk, ultra-wide angle lenses, IP66 weatherproofing and more. The Diurnal series is a wire-free option with infrared motion sensor technology, perfect for low traffic areas. These battery-powered cameras only record when the infrared sensors detect heat, like a person, animal, or car, so you only have footage of the action. The Nocturnal series, on the other hand, is a PoE (or Power over Ethernet) system that boasts a superior 4k Ultra HD resolution and a staggering 30 frame rates per second. These Ethernet-wired cameras record 24/7 and are ideal for heavy traffic street corners or city apartments.

Every Corner Covered

Smart locks let you track who comes and goes at your home throughout the day, while a smart garage gives you complete control of a common access point for burglars. A security camera system lets you check up on your house and garage no matter where you are. Cameras also provide the added benefit of deterrence if they are visible. With all these security upgrades you’ll rest assured that your home is well protected.



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