Apple Continues to Make Strategic Sports Partnerships for Apple TV

The new alliance between Apple and MLB, MLS, and NFL is more than just a coup for the iPhone company. It is a dramatic change in the provision of sports programming and casts more doubt on the continued viability of the traditional cable package. It’s a model for the sports industry, as more leagues aim to attract a younger population.


The Partnership Between Apple & Major League Baseball

Apple and MLB (Major League Baseball) announced in March that “Friday Night Baseball,” a weekly blockbuster that would feature live before and postgame presentations, would be accessible to spectators in eight countries solely on Apple TV+ once the regular season starts. In addition, baseball fans in the United States could watch “MLB Big Inning,” a live show that airs every weekday throughout the season and features highlights and look-ins from various players. Baseball fans in the United States and Canada can now watch MLB game extended highlights, updates and analysis, classic games, and much more through a new Livestream available around the clock.

Fans can now watch free marquee games on Friday evenings without being constrained by local broadcast regulations on any device on which Apple TV+ is available. MLB on Apple TV+ is a great new way for sports fans all over the country and around the world to follow their favorite teams and interact with the sport they love. The head of Major League Baseball believes collaboration with Apple TV+ is the best option to reach more fans in more places, both at home and abroad. This $85 million contract works better because the tournament has still been seeking methods to extend accessibility for their games on a national platform.


The Partnership Between Apple & Major League Soccer

Another partnership is between Apple and MLS. The collaboration between Apple and Major League Soccer (MLS), headquartered in New York, is not simply a coup for the iPhone company. It is a dramatic change in the delivery of sports content and casts more doubt on the continued viability of the traditional cable package. Last month, Apple and MLS signed a 10-year partnership. Through this agreement, Apple will broadcast over a thousand annual soccer matches. Some of these titles will be freely accessible to anybody with an Apple TV and an internet connection through the Apple TV app. In contrast, others will be exclusive to Apple TV+ members. Finally, a sizable portion of it will be beneath still another barrier, this time for a new Major League Soccer streaming subscription available only through the Apple TV app. It leaves one to wonder if Apple will soon follow suit as some of the other big names such as ESPN, Fox Sports, and CBS Sports try to enter the sports betting world which has proven to be a cash cow. It was reported that ESPN is exploring a sports betting deal worth at least $3 billion.

It has undoubtedly given rise to the use of NY sportsbooks like Caesars Sportsbook New York among bettors. Caesars has a three-casino presence in New York; thus, it is already well-known in the territory. Caesars made a contract with MSG in advance of New York, allowing mobile sports betting in November 2021, providing them an initial competitive edge over other authorized sportsbooks in the state. Promotion with live MSG Network shows, epic quests, and brand visibility inside Madison Square Garden are all part of this agreement. In 2022 or 2023, Caesars will have its own dedicated sports betting area at The Mecca of Sports, solidifying its position as one of the industry leaders.


The Partnership Between Apple & National Football League

As reported by Front Office Sports, Apple is mulling over a bold strategy to acquire all of the NFL’s obtainable rights in a one, multibillion-dollar sale. The National Football League (NFL) is now taking bids on three potential assets:

  • A share in NFL Media
  • The “NFL Sunday Ticket” bundle for unique games
  • The rights to live-stream tournaments on mobile devices.

According to rumors, Apple hopes to negotiate a single, comprehensive agreement covering all of these issues. Suddenly, the computer behemoth, which has shied away from sports for years, would be one of the NFL’s most critical corporate backers. Apple TV+ has few live broadcasts, so this would be a blow across the barrel of competitor Amazon, which is currently in the lead to buy at least 49 percent of NFL Media.

But insiders say the NFL is keen to do business with the world’s most lucrative firm like Apple. Apple’s fiscal year 2021 had record-breaking sales of $365.8 billion. The internet behemoth has a $2.7 trillion market valuation and over $200 billion in liquid assets. It is more significant than Netflix’s market valuation and twice as much as Amazon’s marketable securities and cash. If Apple were to join the NFL’s existing partners like Disney, ESPN, Paramount, etc., the league would have alliances with two of the world’s most influential technology companies.


To Conclude

The most cutting-edge and up-to-the-minute entertainment can now be found in apps and video games, thanks to increasing sports partnerships by Apple. Experts believe that this year, the sports alliances will blow up the audience like never before, permanently replacing the blockbuster releases of 2021, when the world’s most extensive entertainment corporations chose to premiere marquee blockbusters on the App Store.


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