Project AORUS ICE – Full Build Log and Video


We’re already in May 2024, but so far it’s been a fantastic year for Funky Kit and the rest of the team. Our growing brands which includes AMD3D, XPCM and of course Funky Kit, are now under our Funky Media Group. We’re now on Season 8 of Our Podcast Show, and our YouTube Channel have reached well over 13,400+ subscribers and growing, and we continue to give away $Thousands of computer gear on our website, as well as each and every week on our Funky Kit Show LIVE.

So now it’s time for our Funky Kit Team to relax and have some fun (our definition of fun) is to build our first PC project for 2024 … Project AORUS ICE sponsored by Gigabyte. I would like to say a BIG thank you to our MAIN sponsors Gigabyte, as well as Corsair, Hyte and Thermaltake for making this happen, and of course our very own Funky Kit team. Thank you! So without further ado … meet our Project AORUS ICE.



Components used


Here’s a nice group photo of all the components used. Again big thanks goes out to our sponsors … Gigabyte, Corsair,  Hyte and Thermaltake.

Use the quick page reference below to check out in more detail, of all the components we used for our project. Each product has been reviewed by our Funky Kit team, and there’s also a link to Amazon if you want to purchase any of the items listed.


Quick Page Reference

  1. Introduction Project
  2. The CPU, Motherboard and Graphics Card
  3. The DDR5 Memory, SSD and PSU
  4. Cooling Fans, AIO and Chassis
  5. Preparation, Installation and Setup
  6. The Tech Specs and Load Temps
  7. The Finished Item – Project AORUS ICE


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