Benefits you Gain with Cisco CCNA R&S Certification

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Cisco is a giant in the tech world that gives you a chance to become a part of this fastest growing industry. In fact, Cisco offers multiple opportunities for individuals that are determined to boost their value in the networking world. For those who’ve decided to get a position of the network administrator or network engineer, the CCNA Routing and Switching (CCNA R&S) certification has been created. If you’d like to upgrade your skills in this field, the credentials of the professional (CCNP R&S) and expert (CCIE R&S) levels are there for you. So, Cisco has prepared a clear career path for you to follow and your task is to start. The CCNA R&S is the first step towards making your dreams come true. And this article will help you know about it.

Since most organizations use controller based architectures, the demand for qualified professionals has increased. Cisco CCNA R&S certified specialists have proved their skills to work with the next generation technologies, as well as they help these organizations migrate to controller-based architectures. Thus, they are the most efficient workers in their job positions. The purpose of writing this article is to help you understand whether this credential is for you and which benefits you’ll get with the CCNA R&S certification.

We hope that you’d decide to join the CCNA R&S certification program after reading the following information. So, without any further ado, let’s take a look at the benefits you gain with this credential.


Stand Out from the Crowd

As we’ve mentioned before, the requirements of recruiters and hiring managers are continuously increasing. In the past, many people got their first job in the networking field without any certification. Since technology is ever evolving, there’s a great demand for specialists with relevant skills. The same refers to the networking field as well. CCNA R&S certified specialists complete their tasks quickly and successfully. We all know that time is a precious resource and costs money. That is why employers are now concerned about hiring certified individuals that possess skills to work efficiently. So, with the CCNA R&S credential, you get more chances to be hired than without it.

Obtain the Official Stamp

If you put yourself in the recruiter’s boots, you’d understand the importance of hiring certified individuals. Anybody can claim in their resume that they have the required skills and knowledge necessary to complete a particular job. But the recruiter cannot verify these claims by any means unless they see the certification from Cisco. Its reputation is remarkable and the CCNA R&S certification speaks for itself. It means that this credential plays the role of an official stamp to satisfy the recruiter that you actually have the skills required for the job in networking.



Show your Relevance

Would you ever hire someone as a driver who doesn’t even know how to drive a vehicle? We bet you’d never make such a silly mistake. So, how do you expect someone to hire you when you don’t have any knowledge on network fundamentals and skills to work with modern technologies.

The CCNA R&S certification is proof of saying that you are competent enough for the job that deals with completing tasks related to routing and switching. Moreover, you are a valuable employee at your workplace, as your skills have been verified by a reputable company.

Show Your Passion

The recruiters understand the psychology of applicants. And they know that individuals earn a certification when they are interested in building their career in a specific field. In other words, they consider hiring passionate employees as these people perform their best to solve all kind of problems. Thus, organizations cut their costs as they won’t have to call the experts to fix a problem occurred. In terms of the CCNA R&S credential, CCNA certified candidates have the aim to gain the CCNP and CCIE in future. It means that they are skillful and ambitious, and will get the job easier than other candidates applying for the same position.

Getting an Attractive Salary

The best thing about the CCNA R&S certification is that it increases your salary to an extent. According to PayScale website

you can earn annually about $75,000 on average. A good start isn’t it? If you opt for the CCNP R&S credential, your average annual salary will be about $93,000.

Get a reputable job

If you’re tired of working like an average employee, the CCNA R&S certification is the perfect option for you. There are several high paying jobs you can get after getting the CCNA R&S certification such as Network Field Technician, Systems Engineer, Network Engineer, and Network Administrator. One of the most pleasant thing about this credential is that it allows you to work remotely from any part of the globe.

How to become CCNA R&S certified?

Cisco offers two options to be CCNA R&S certified. A long one includes passing two exams 100-105 ICND1 and 200-105 ICND2. The first exam contains 45-55 questions, the second one- 55-65. The time allotted for each exam is 90 minutes. However, there’s the second way of getting this credential. Thus, candidates can take only one composite exam 200-125 by code. This test consists of 60-70 multiple-choice questions, which should be completed within 90 minutes. Among the topics covered in the exams are such technologies as LAN Switching, WAN, IPv4 as well as IPv6. In addition, you should be proficient in infrastructure services, security, and management.


How to Prepare?

Proper preparation is key to your success. So, start from checking the vendor’s website first. Cisco has published the preparation material for the CCNA R&S exams on their official site in the form of training courses and books. You can choose the self-study training or instructor-led one. Then visit Cisco Press website and find the study guide or some optional books. These resources are very helpful for understanding the concepts of networking and objectives covered in the exam. It will become easier for you and make a plan to manage your time. So, Cisco provides you with material to get actual knowledge and relevant skills so you may not feel helpless on exam day.

Role of Examsnap

The Examsnap is a great platform for candidates that are having trouble with the CCNA R&S exam preparation. Examsnap shares training courses for the CCNA R&S exams that are designed by experienced professionals. Moreover, it provides you with access to the latest exam dumps that are important for validating your knowledge before appearing in the exam. The files are in vce format and uploaded by the real exam takers. Such dumps are the latest ones and can be downloaded free of charge. If you wish to get the material verified by IT experts, ExamSnap offers you to get Premium Bundle. Thus, just for about $39, you’ll get the 200-125 premium file with checked questions and answers, a training course that includes 150 lectures and a study guide. A great offer, isn’t it? Moreover, on this online platform, you’ll find a lot of useful information on how to pass your certification exams.


The CCNA R&S is the associate level certification that makes you eligible for several high paying jobs. This certification gives you an edge over other candidates as it opens you the opportunity to get an attractive salary. The CCNA R&S credential is your first step towards building your own success story. Earning this certification gets a bit easier when you use valuable resources like Cisco’s official website and optional valid material from ExamSnap. Become a real professional with top-notch skills in networking with the CCNA R&S certification and boost your value in the networking field.

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