The Best Tech For an Online Gamer

Putting in a lengthy session at online casinos can always be a fun way to spend some time – but sometimes, it can almost feel like a second job. However, the good news is that there’s plenty of tech available to make things a lot more comfortable and enjoyable.

If you’re a truly dedicated casino player, you’ll want to make the experience of clocking in the hours as smooth and pleasurable as possible. Following an interview with Luke Page here are Casinopedia’s recommendations, which can transform your online casino sessions from a monotonous grind back into the comfortable and fun time it was when you first started. Below are four products that we discussed all previously reviewed on our site and why they are some of the best items for online players.


Tt eSports Level 10M Hybrid Advanced Gaming Mouse – USD $99.00

Whether you’re clicking through the slots or multi-tabling poker, a good mouse is essential to make sure you’re not straining yourself and not making any miss-clicks. Specially designed for the rigours of eSports, this mouse is not only reliable, smooth and full of extra buttons for custom shortcuts, it’s also highly durable – which will be welcome to those of us who are prone to a little tilt from time to time…


HyperX Cloud Alpha Gaming Headset – USD $99.00

Whether you like to listen to the sounds of your favourite casino game, or tune into some music, you want to be 100% focused when you’re deep in a session. That means shutting off any outside distractions – and unwelcome noise is one of the worst. This headset will provide truly immersive sound, and what’s more, it’s built to last with an aluminium frame and a tough cable. It also features an excellent microphone, so if you do need to take a call, you dont need to get up from the table.



OLALA 10500mAh Power Bank – USD $27.00

With the huge battery life on the latest smartphones, portable power banks haven’t been as necessary as they once were. Unless, of course, you’re a mobile gamer – where you’ll soon find that casino games will eat away at the power on your device rapidly. This power bank is compatible with all USB chargers and is one of the best you’ll find on the market – allowing you to make sure that your winning streak isn’t cut short by a lack of juice.


Steelseries Qck Prism RGB Mouse Pad – USD $59.99

Mice might work well on almost any surface nowadays, but the frantic pace of clicking that an online casino session involves mean that even the latest mice can soon be worn down. Not only will this keep your mouse in perfect working order, the Steelseries Qck Prism RGB Mouse Pad will make your session as comfortable for you as possible. Featuring a comfortable, detachable wrist rest and the choice of two different surfaces, you can make sure things are exactly right for your needs. Oh, and it also has illumination with a huge number of different lighting settings, making it as good aesthetically as it is ergonomically.


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