Build an App like Spotify or Pandora

There is nothing better than some fantastic music from the background during engaging activities. The favorite companion when cautiously chosen and accessed by you, then some dreams come true. Of course, increasing internet use makes music streaming apps development, like Pandora, to revolutionize the user approach. The article looks to make clear all particulars of such unbelievable mobile application. Read on to know more about how to build an app like Spotify, Pandora.


The process of building a music streaming app Like Spotify

For Spotify to avoid the common act of piracy, a reasonably priced alternative is available. Every user has an opportunity to enjoy the most loved music after a monthly subscription. Also, there is a chance to acknowledge the artists. Like it takes time when building a home, creating a useful application is no different. The process involved include:

1. Preparation

Planning the idea of the anticipated project to starting the creation of a music app is necessary. Check the ways the leading brands work out and what the clients believe is distinct about the app and think on how to beat them. Indeed, there are many untapped niches within the streaming marketplace. So, ensure you learn the people who will use the product. For instance, study the ages, lifestyle, needs among others. Such needs will help you modify the app’s design and features to satisfy the aimed audience.

2. Getting Technical Team

The minute you visualize the kind of a product for the industry, find the best crew to build it. Some of the factors to have in mind before deciding on a company include charges, locality, time and language differences. Never overlook researching and looking for the past projects handled by the company. Check if there is some proper understanding of building music streaming apps. Feel free to confirm the reputation and try out the launched applications from Play and App Stores.

3. Settling for a Platform

Another critical feature that impacts the entire development rates is the platform. You can go ahead and create applications compatible with platforms for a perfect running on the available operational systems. Spotify’s SDK exists for use on both Android and iOS to enable users to get real user experience. Never worry the platform you choose as all this makes work easy for the development team to design or authenticate the features.

4. Getting Licensed

When about to complete the process, things will never be easy. For instance, just taking the creation and spreading it on all platforms does not work. You need to follow the copyrights and permitting processes to avoid getting trapped into a lawsuit. Go for a Public Performance Rights license to enable your users to enjoy the high-grade video and audio content. As it is the USA residents can go to any of the three agencies like,, or


Developing the features of the App

1. Authentification

The model used by Spotify is freemium, and this needs users to register into the system. What is more, the content is accessible during the trial time until getting subscribed. Besides, the app becomes linked to Facebook to permit signing in using the accounts. Making such a feature called for a whole day to initial end, plus 16 hours for developing the backend.

2. Music streaming

Listening to music through an app never needs downloading of an entire file. The audios usually come as minor packs to enable info protection for users to play on the devices. As you develop, ensure the stream is steady and continuous with clear sound.  You will need 60-80 hours to complete frontend of simple MVP then 50 hours for the back-end.

3. Search

The Spotify users can select the best songs from the loaded playlists. That said, one can explore specific tracks from loved artists, albums or genre.

4. Track Sharing

Similar to other social media platforms, the app enables users to see and share the friend’s favorite playlists.

5. Playlists

Users often find the right playlist for particular occasions created by a devoted team. Likewise, one has a chance to make personalized music collections or with friends.

6. Offline mode

Even with limited or no internet access users can listen to the favorite music. The feature has some local device storage which caches the audio info.



What is the cost of building a music app like Spotify, Pandora?

Some of the most consider factors when developing a music application start from planning to development, licensing and hosting charges. Most developers offer reasonable prices, but, the entire cost as well gets determined by the platform you build on among other things.

Finally, the purpose of making an app like Spotify, Pandora is to give users favorite playlists. For you to achieve this, your secret lies in the workflow as needed by the streaming industry. Regardless of the simple tech side, many processes get involved in an active streaming app development. Spotify never got famous in a day, so competing with such a giant in the industry is hard. The initial cost invested in making a Spotify clone means low success chances. The unique magic is not technical but focused on ideas.


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