Changes That You Will Set at Gaming Sites in the 2020s

The online casino industry has gone from strength to strength throughout the first two decades of the 21st century. Now that we are about to enter the third, the industry is about to enact some major changes. Not just in how it runs itself, but in how the whole gaming experience is offered to players. As with all the betting and gaming industry, there will be legal and regulatory challenges too.

Here are some thoughts on what you can expect in the 2020s at online casinos:

Green Credentials

It might seem a bit over the top to suggest that casino sites will be scrutinised for environmental impact, but almost every industry on the planet will be under the microscope in the coming years. The same challenges that face the casino industry face the wider gaming industry; namely, how to cut down on the carbon footprint from servers, computers and other devices. Many digital companies are pushing green policies and trumpeting the fact they are doing so. Don’t be surprised to see certificates of environmental credentials on sites that are doing their bit.


Licensed online casinos are among the most secure sites in the world, and, for instance, you can easily find a safe site to play blackjack for Canadian players without too much fuss. Indeed, casinos tend to offer many payment options that don’t require the input of financial details (vouchers, pay by phone etc.). However, cybercrime is not going away any time soon, and any type of data can be useful to hackers. Expect to see new advances on encryption rolled out in the next few years to meet the challenge of quantum computing. Casinos have traditionally been excellent on encryption, but always make sure the site is licensed within your home country.

New Gaming

Now to the more exciting stuff – the evolution in the types of games at casinos. Two phrases have dominated the world of casino software development in recent years: Virtual reality and skill-based gaming. The first concept will be known to you, of course, but it will be interesting to see where casinos go with it. VR can be used to bring people real casino experiences – a step up from live dealer online casino – or it can be used for more creative purposes. Expect to start with the former, then really move into the latter. Skill-based gaming is also on the menu, and it’s predicated to make casino games more live competitive video games.

Social Experiences

Despite the wide range of gaming options on casino sites, it’s still, by and large, a solitary experience for players. Chat games are available on most sites, but we expect to see this all move up to the next level in the coming few years, perhaps in tandem with VR technology. Moreover, there are also signs that there will be more social experiences on the sites, i.e. you will be given an access to a greater range of entertainment than games alone. In short, casinos will tap into the kind of community elements you see on Twitch watching streams of Fortnite and other video games.



The bête noire of global finance, or the saviour? Nobody really knows for sure what’s going to happen with the mainstreaming of cryptocurrency in the coming years. The current US Government doesn’t seem to like it, but many see it as the future of finance. Licensed casinos have swerved the issue for a few years now, as they fear how regulators feel about cryptocurrency. Yet, one feels that betting with Bitcoin etc. will become commonplace. Moreover, the use of blockchain technology could also be harnessed to help with the fight against cybercrime mentioned above.


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