Cool Gadgets Your Office Needs

Many of us spend most of the working day in the office. In the long run, strange though it might seem, it means we spend more time at work than at home. However, while we all strive to create a relaxing atmosphere and the ultimate comfort at home, in the office, we often work in poorly lit and stuffy premises, sit in uncomfy chairs and lean across cramped tables, all of this diverting our attention and causing physical discomfort. And it’s a well-known fact that discomfort greatly deteriorates work efficiency. Hence, the office atmosphere, vice versa, should help you stay focused and boost your productivity.

Today, there are great many ways to add comfort and convenience to the working area and make the workplace a welcoming spot that inspires achievements. It all starts from physical comfort and basic needs. For this reason, many employers equip offices with well-fitted dining rooms, gyms, and recreation areas for the employees to have some place to distract from intensive work during the day and shake off the stress at the end of it. A supportive and ergonomic armchair and a comfortable and functional working desk will maximize your physical comfort during work that in its turn promotes your mental activity. The next important aspect to consider is the office equipment greatly facilitating and expediting our work, taking the strain off out of some monotonous tasks, and expanding our abilities. Along with PCs, laptops, and different computer accessories like 4k hdmi switch, modern offices are staffed with all types of printers, including ordinary laser and inkjet printers, 3D printers, and even printers that print on cds, scanners, projectors, and other peripherals.


In addition to all above-mentioned things that are already common for most working spaces, there are also some trifle items and devices that might seem odd and unnecessary at a glance but in practice, they appear very useful and helpful. Below, we’ve made a short list of cool gadgets that will not only enhance the comfort of your working place but also let you individualize it and make it a reflection of your diverse personality.


  1. Clip-on cap holder. How many times did you spill tea or coffee when putting a cup near your laptop? At that time, you probably thought “Thanks God, it did not spill on the laptop!” Forget it! With a clip-on cap holder, you can have your cup within easy reach and avoid the risk of spills.
  2. USB Cup warmer. Though not a necessity, this gadget will keep your beverage hot when you are cold to some urgent meeting and will definitely come in handy for those who prefer steaming-hot tea or coffee drinks.
  3. Cable Drops. These little lovely things will hold in place all cables and wires draping over your table to prevent their tangling and bring order to your desk.
  4. Desktop organizer. It will help you duly organize your stuff for your table not to look cluttered. Usually it has a storage box, a number for holders for pens, papers, photos, or business cards, a smartphone slot, a card reader, and several USB ports.
  5. Window-mounted solar charger. It’s a mini solar battery designed to stick to the window to feed your USB-chargeable devices when necessary.
  6. Fidget cube. A funny item with knobs, switches and buttons will help you release the stress and stay focused when during the working day.
  7. Digital smartpen. It’s an awesome gizmo for those who have to write a lot making notes during meetings and presentations. Looking like an ordinary pen, the gadget can record audio and even convert your writing into a digital format.


Of course, it’s not a full list of extraordinary office supplies you can find out there. You are always free to search for some more to give your workplace a personal touch.  


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