Dora Doctor Games Your Kids Will Love

In a series of doctor games, little Dora is usually getting herself into trouble. She doesn’t feel well and needs to see a doctor. She knows that the longer she waits, the more dangerous her illness can grow.

But who said visiting a doctor has to be scary? Dora games will show your kids that seeing a doctor is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Having played a few Dora doctor games, your kids will no longer be afraid to go to the doctor and will see the bright side of this experience.

Dora games teach your kids that different health issues are attended by different doctors. That’s why there’s a series of games each centering on different diseases.

For example, kids can help Dora see an eye doctor, a dentist or a surgeon.

All Dora games featured on our websites are completely safe and violence-free. Here’s a great way to get your kids ready to visit a doctor or inspire them to become one.


Dora and Diego at the eye clinic

Dora is a very active girl and she’s always on the go. But she’s concerned about her vision so she decided to go to the doctor for the checkup. Your kids will try themselves as doctors. Their task is to check Dora’s vision with cool equipment.

They just click the mouse button to pick the necessary object. Dora’s best friend, Diego, has come to support her so they might want to check him out too.  

A lot of children are afraid that the eye doctor will make them wear glasses which other kids might find funny. This Dora game will show them that visiting a doctor is quite funny and not scary at all.


Dora Dentist Day

Perhaps the biggest fear of all kids – and a fair share of adults too – is visiting a dentist. This time, Dora’s teeth hurt so much that you need to help her urgently.

All children have problems with teeth and Dora is no exception. But like all children, Dora did everything she could to avoid going to the dentist and was convincing herself that she has great teeth. But that wasn’t the right thing to do and now you need to treat Dora’s teeth.

Dora Dentist Day is a great interactive game. Your kid will find all the necessary dental equipment with which the doctors whiten, treat and remove teeth. The kids will even be able to put new teeth in place of the missing ones so that Dora’s smile is charming as always.


Dora at the Doctor

Dora won’t sit still for a minute and is always looking for new ways to learn and have fun. This time, she was riding her bike all across the neighborhood. She fell down and hurt herself badly. Not only she can’t ride her bike anymore, she must now visit the doctor which she doesn’t particularly like.

Your kids will act as doctors and will have to help Dora recover. There are all the necessary items and medicine to use. When children click on any object, a hint appears at the top of the screen indicating what needs to be done.

First, the kids will need to heal the bruise under Dora’s eye. They can take a lump of ice and put it on the eyelid. Gradually, the bruise starts disappearing and once it’s gone completely, the kids will see lots of twinkling stars.

The next job is to cure the wound on Dora’s knee. There’s even a thorn stuck in it. The kids will take a pair of tweezers and slowly pull out a thorn. After that, they will clean up the wound carefully.

Upon completing these procedures, the kids will apply some medicine. Just a few manipulations and the wound disappears making Dora smile again. Finally, the kids should give her some vitamins to restore her energy. They are very tasty and useful. Now the little one can run around in the forest again.

How nice it is to help people! Dora online game does not feature complicated surgeries but teaches your little ones to learn how to provide first aid and don’t be afraid of visiting a doctor, even if something hurts. Make sure to show your kids these colorful and positive games.


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