How to Effectively Market Your YouTube Channel

Developing a successful YouTube channel is far from easy. With new creators popping up in every subject area you could imagine, the YouTube market is more saturated than ever. Along with it being difficult to stand out from an ever-growing crowd, you also have to produce content that has value. You have to upload that content on a regular basis, and only then should you market your videos.

It might seem easy enough on the surface, but failing to stick to this process is why so many YouTubers falter and fail to grow. So with that in mind, this article will focus on the marketing side of things – which is arguably the main component for success – and how you can effectively promote your YouTube channel.


Get your SEO hat on

SEO (search engine optimization) is highly important for grabbing in viewers that are using the YouTube search function to find content. Plenty of features need to be taken into consideration with regards to SEO.

Firstly, you need to come up with a headline for your video that takes into account numerous things. It needs to accurately describe the content of your video of course, but it also needs to be engaging to the point that it will elicit a click from passersby. Oh, and make sure to stick targeted keywords within the headline.

In a similar vein, your video description should also be optimized and packed with info and keywords. Don’t be scared to write out a long description. In fact, it is encouraged. Google likes long descriptions, and it will also mean that you cover various long-tail keywords – even if by accident!


Create a website

A website should be a hub of sorts for your YouTube channel/brand, a place where fans can find out more about you and your work.

If it’s going to be a simple landing page that has all your info in one small, attractive package – and that’s really all your YouTube-related site needs to be – it would be advised to use a free website creator. Not only is such a creator easy to use for even newbies to website development, but it is also specifically setup for crafting a slick, one-page site.


Post your videos around

Spread the word, and people will hear. Now while you probably already post about your videos via social media – and if you don’t, you really should start doing so – don’t leave this as the only avenue to explore. Make sure to search for forums and websites that are relevant to your channel, before posting post about your videos via these platforms. Although be careful: you don’t want to come across as spamming such sites, as that might be counterproductive and cause people to resent even giving your content a chance.


Create a playlist

A well-organized playlist of your videos can be more fruitful for your YouTube channel than you might think. Just like with your video headline and description, a playlist – along with allowing you to organize your content so that it’s nice and neat – gives you another opportunity to use those all-important keywords. Remember: the more text-based content you use, the more views you are likely to receive.


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