Essential Gadgets for Hardworking Professionals

When the emails won’t stop pouring into your inbox, your industry news alerts are making your phone buzz on a permanent basis, and there are some viral stories to catch up on, productivity can take a hit. Technology might have increased the number of distractions in the office, but it might also be the best answer to get your productivity levels back up again.

There are a huge number of devices and tech tools that the professional can use to make their workload easier to manage, and if you’re looking for improved workflow and fewer interruptions, then here are the essential gadgets that you’re going to need.


Solar Chargers

Your smartphone is an essential bit of kit, but the battery life can keep you tethered to the wall when you could be networking. A solar charger can keep you on the move without having to worry about losing your connectivity.


Headphone Immersion

An office or packed train can be very distracting, and that can have a negative effect on your ability to concentrate. Invest in some quality noise-canceling headphones, and you can listen to your favorite motivational music or watch the work-related video content that you’ll need to meet your deadline.


Portable Computing

A laptop is now an essential bit of kit for professionals in every sector. The specs that you need are going to depend on what you use your computer for, but the MSI range can be a useful start. Check out the guide and strike the right balance between power and portability much more easily.


USB Flash Drive

Having a flash drive will make it much easier to stroll from meeting to meeting with all of the data you need at your fingertips. There are some options here, but the latest flash drives come with much-improved security features, and there are even models on the way that have iris-recognition login.


Mobile Routers

If you’re on the road a lot, then you’re going to want to remain connected to the world. With data plans being so unreliable and public Wi-Fi being inherently unsafe, it might be worth looking at your own mobile router. They can be costly, but the reliability could be worth it.

Mobile POS

If your role involves accepting payments, then you’re going to need a way to accept those payments. Cash is out of the window, and for B2B or B2C sales, a mobile POS is going to be much more convenient. Link your POS to your phone and you’ll never worry about taking a payment ever again.


Activity Trackers

When you’re working hard, you pay less attention to the needs of your body. If you don’t want to feel your energy and health levels start to drop then an activity tracker, like a Fitbit, can help. The best models not only count your steps and monitor your heart rate, but they also do other cool things like act as silent alarms or connect to your phone so that you get email notifications straight to your arm.

Technology might have increased your workload, but it’s also made it easier to manage. If you’re struggling with your daily tasks then it might be time to invest in some better gadgets so that you can keep on working no matter where you are or how close your deadline is.

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