Everything You Need to Know About Keyboard Monitoring Software

Keyboard monitoring software solutions have been around since the early days of computers. The utilities have been used in various fields of activity – from the office and parental use to the global application by the American NSA. It is no wonder in such a wide application of keyboard monitoring solutions – they are quite multifunctional and perform a lot of different tasks.

The programs give you full freedom of action. By using keyboard monitoring software on your PC, you can do the following:

  • Take screenshots;
  • Turn on a webcam remotely;
  • Record sound from a microphone;
  • Determine the geolocation of a laptop/pc/mobile device, etc.;
  • Send reports along with files of the specified type;
  • Review browser history in case it is deleted;
  • And do many other things.

The first keylogger was used by the KGB in 1976 on IBM Selectric typewriters at the American embassy and consulate. And since that time, the utilities have expanded their use case map.


Classification of Keyloggers 

Keyloggers are classified according to many criteria: by type, data analysis technology, its sending option, and method of data application. By the way in which the solution is implemented, hardware and software keyloggers are distinguished.



A hardware keylogger is a small device connected to or embedded in a PC. The solution is difficult to detect due to its inaccessible location, small size, the similarity with conventional computer equipment. For example, a compact module that looks like an adapter is installed between the keyboard cable and the system unit. Such an external device can be connected by any user. It can then be removed at any time and connected to another computer.

Despite their great functionality, hardware keyloggers have a couple of disadvantages:

  • The device cannot be installed remotely;
  • The amount of memory is limited;
  • To access the recorded data, you need to get the device back if the computer does not have a Wi-Fi module.



Software keyloggers do not have any of the above restrictions and therefore are especially popular. In this case, a specialized application can be installed into the pc operating system and run in a hidden mode. Thus, a PC user will never know about a keyboard tracker recording the data to a log file.

Such keyloggers not only record keystrokes, but they also record mouse movements, read data from programs running on a PC, and take a screenshot. The program intercepts received and sent emails, takes images from the camera, and records sound from the microphone if connected to a computer device. All the keyloggers are considered “legal” today and can be used by anyone as developers declare many reasons for using this piece of software, for example:

  • For parents: tracking the actions of children on the Internet and notifying them (parents) in case of attempts to access sites “for adults” (parental control);
  • For jealous spouses: tracking the actions of their partner on the Web in case of suspicion of “virtual treason;”
  • For the organization’s security service: tracking the facts of misuse of personal computers, data leakage, or business threats;
  • For various security services: analysis and investigation of incidents related to the use of personal computers;
  • Other reasons.


No matter what the case of yours is, using keyboard tracking software may be beneficial for you. 


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