Features of a Valuable Slot Car Collection

Important Features of a Valuable Slot Car Collection

When you begin any type of collection, it is important to research the most valuable aspects of the product. It can take years to build a proper collection, as it can be a big investment. You must also decide if you are collecting items that you wish to use, or items that remain in pristine condition. Slot cars became popular in the 1960’s. Kids could go to a local establishment and race their cars on an expertly built track. Many adults today also remember having a smaller track in their own home. If you are done playing and ready to deal with collector’s items, consider these features. 



Whether you are collecting or selling your slot cars, the condition of the cars is extremely important. Value rises when cars are unused, in original boxes, or at least still working well. If you used your cars like an average kid, instead of a hobbyist, they may not be worth much. Many collectors spend years looking for unopened items, only to put them on their shelf at home. If you are building a collection, look  for slot cars that still work, are absent of broken pieces, and cars that do not have a chipped exterior. 


Before you purchase cars for your collection, research some of the most famous manufacturers. This also makes it easier to sell your collection later. Carrera Slots is one brand that many people remember from the 1960’s. They are still in business today for those that wish to continue the slot car tradition. Less popular brands may not build the value of your collection as well. 

Coveted Items

As with any collectable, there are certain items that people look for the most. Again, online research is the best way to find out about the most in-demand items. You may have one packed away in your attic and not even know the value. The most coveted items are usually models that were once best sellers or limited editions. They may also have special colors, logos, or paint finishes. 



Collector’s items become more valuable as they age. Slot cars were still mainstream about 50 years ago. Value should go up for the heirs of the owners. If you have a quality collection, hold on to it. If you do decide to buy, however, expect to spend several hundred dollars on some car and track sets. If you plan to keep your collection for many years, learn how to keep it in the best condition. There are a few things that can preserve your collectables.

  • A glass collector’s case to reduce dust
  • Store in cool area (excessive heat from a sunny room can damage items)
  • Watch the lighting (too much light can cause problems, place your case in a room that you don’t use a lot)
  • Lock up your collectables and work with an insurance company to get proper coverage
  • Handle items as little as possible 

Collecting is a hobby that many people spend years perfecting. If slot cars are your specialty, it is still possible to find these at affordable prices. As the years pass, however, they may be worth a  lot more. Take good care of your cars and tracks to make sure they sell for the highest possible price.


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