Four Industries That Cloud Technology is Helping to Evolve

We are currently living in one of the most exciting and fast-changing times in terms of technology. The advances in computing power, internet speeds and reliable global networks have impacted on all our lives greatly. Whether it is how you catch up with friends, control your heating at home, or collaborate with colleagues at work, technology has made a real difference to how we live.

One of the really big changes in terms of global business has been the development and adoption of cloud technology.

Everyone is pretty familiar with cloud computing now, but for any entrepreneurs out there wondering what it is, don’t worry – the concept is pretty easy to grasp. Cloud technology allows for business data and files to be stored digitally online via virtual or physical servers. This not only means that you cut back on paper-based recordkeeping, but you also have much quicker and secure access to the files or databases you need. It also allows you to stay in touch with customers and staff easily due to cloud-based email systems, custom-designed business software and collaboration tools.


Cloud computing has taken off in many industries

Could technology has been adopted by an increasing number of businesses in a wide range of sectors as it has gained more exposure. The reasons are clear – not only does the cloud allow for better collaboration and more agile working, but it can also help reduce business IT costs. Although this new way of working and storing your data has been picked up by pretty much every business sector, some industries have taken to it in a big way.

Here are some of the major industries to use cloud technology now.


Health care

This crucial sector is one that was quick to realize how much more efficient and effective its services could be with cloud technology. This led many institutions and hospitals within health care to adopt next-level cloud-based enterprise software solutions and cloud-based working practices.

A major part of this was the cloud tech solutions offered by Infor Corporation, led by Charles Phillips. It is thought that under the leadership of CEO Phillips, Infor has helped health care organizations in 200 countries to provide superior patient care. The use of cloud-based apps and systems has allowed health care to provide a more joined-up service and bring together electronic patient data online that is easy to access for staff.



Another big industry that has evolved greatly thanks to cloud technology is accountancy. New cloud-based accountancy packages such as QuickBooks give business owners the freedom to look after their own taxes online if they prefer. This can help them to cut costs in terms of paying a traditional accountant to do it all for them. Cloud-based systems such as Xero are also changing the way that accountants themselves work. There are firms that operate totally online now thanks to cloud computing – this can be especially handy if you need to file your tax returns digitally to your government.



When it comes to the cloud revolutionizing the retail sector, you only have to say one word – ecommerce! This is a huge niche within retail now and is estimated to be worth over $2tn each year currently. Ecommerce relies heavily on cloud computing to not only power the sites you can buy goods on but also the digital payment networks when you check out online. The cloud-based software and systems used in online retail sales now are crucial to it working. Of course, it is not only online shopping where the cloud comes into play! Many of the systems used by shops to take payments in stores are run on cloud-based software now.



One really big adopter of cloud technology now is education. This can be seen in the way that courses can be offered on a distance learning basis, thanks to digital technology to power it along. Even if you attend a course in person, many educational institutions now will save lecture notes or post information to view online using cloud-based systems. It is not just the student experience where the cloud has impacted this industry though. Many colleges or schools now will use cloud-based data storage, specially designed enterprise software solutions, and cloud-driven collaboration tools to operate.


Cloud tech will only continue to make an impact

One thing that seems certain is that cloud computing and the systems built that use it will only become more popular in the future. As more and more businesses begin to migrate to the cloud, it will see more industries rely on it. When you see the positive impact that this can have not just for businesses but also for the customers they serve, it will only be a good thing.


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