How AI Technology Can Help Your Business

If you have a small business and want to speed up production, artificial technology (AI) can help. AI could help make customer service more efficient, improve data retrieval and storage, and other essential aspects of running a company. Keep reading below to find out more about the benefits of AI.


1. Auto-Dialer Software

Auto-dialer software is used to call multiple customers and will automatically connect an answered call to an available representative. This tool is useful when contacting individuals about your products or services or to receive payments. 

A predictive dialer goes a step further by using data to know who to contact and when to reach out. Additionally, a predictive dialer will also use algorithms to understand how often it should place calls to a particular number. Auto-dialer software will help you cut down on unnecessary calls to your clients while storing valuable data. This technology will help your company become more productive and efficient.



2. Chatbots

Chatbots are becoming very popular because they are efficient and help speed up customer service. Chatbots use AI to help resolve customer service issues quickly. They work through direct messaging, so customers can message the chatbots to get fast feedback at any time of day.

Chatbots are usually going to be found on a company’s website. They can pop up and appear when a client visits your web page, making it more convenient for them to get help. On top of this, chatbots can cut down on how many representatives you need to hire, saving you money in the long run.

There are three main types of chatbots:

Simple Chatbots 

These bots are made for simple tasks and have predetermined directions and answers. You program the options into the bot, and the customer can choose from those options. Simple bots are great for a simple task like ordering a pizza. The options can be placed in a specific order that the client goes through naturally. For example, asking about the size of the pizza, then asking about toppings, and so on.

Smart Chatbots 

Smart bots can simulate human conversation. They will be able to decipher what is being asked of them and develop responses to aid the person. These bots need more data to be able to communicate naturally with people. Smart chatbots are perfect for customer service tasks.

Hybrid Chatbots  

As the name implies, this bot is a combination of a simple and smart chatbot. You get the best of both worlds with a hybrid bot because it can complete both simple and more challenging tasks. Like a smart bot, they can understand specific contexts of situations and reply as a person would. They can also perform simple tasks with ease, creating a better customer service experience for consumers.



3. Virtual Assistants

Many successful companies utilize virtual assistants to help improve their businesses. Virtual assistants use AI to help them understand language and retrieve complex data from conversations (think Alexa and Siri). Virtual assistants help track what consumers are interested in and provide options that they would be interested in purchasing. Every time a consumer interacts with the virtual assistant, the technology keeps track of that person’s interests and behaviors.

Then, the virtual assistant may use that data to suggest other products or services that complement the desired ones. The full potential of this technology is still being explored but can undoubtedly help your company thrive by enhancing customer experiences.


Jumping into AI Technology 

AI is steadily becoming an essential tool for flourishing businesses worldwide. Most people have had some experience with AI at one time or another. Big, booming companies like Amazon and Apple have profited from AI. As a result, many other companies are jumping on board and investing in this technology. Help your organization thrive by incorporating AI into your small business today. 


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