How E-Cigarettes Are Incorporating Smart Learning Algorithms

As technology constantly innovates and becomes smarter, we are able to implement these new technologies in different ways across different industries to help us get the best possible experience e-cigarettes and their related eliquid are no exception. Here, we are going to look at how e-cigarettes are incorporating smart learning algorithms.



As the interest in e-cigarettes begins to grow, so too does the technology surrounding it. With new and interesting flavours and combinations to enjoy, popularity is quickly mounting and so it’s understandable that we are now seeing the inclusion of smart technology in this field. Through the addition of smart learning algorithms in vape systems, you can more accurately track the use of your e-cigarette and see what times of the day that you use it the most or how much nicotine you’re taking in on a regular basis. It then puts this information into an app on your mobile or tablet and allows you to track the information accordingly. This will also help you to cut down your use of the e-cigarette or nicotine intake and in some cases, track how this is affecting your overall health.

This could benefit a doctor’s help patients quit smoking as they can have frequent visits and compare the data from month to month. This level of monitoring is not only beneficial for the progression of the patient but also as a positive inspiration to keep going.

Computer technology

E-liquid has become increasingly popular in recent years and due to this, companies have begun pushing the boundaries and expanding on the potential of the vape technology that we see today. We are already seeing smart computers placed within these hand units that allow users to change the flavour and the concentration of nicotine whilst on the go without having to touch the chamber. This not only helps to adapt as your tastes change but it also allows you to change the concentration of nicotine if you want to gradually wean off throughout the day.


The element of control when it comes to vaping is ideal for those that are using e-cigarettes to quit smoking, as it allows more control over everything from flavour and nicotine, to vapour volume. By tracking yourself and the usage it allows users to see when they rely on their vape most heavily and what flavours they like during the course of the day. This, therefore, allows them to use it sparingly where necessary and adapt the tastes as they see fit, making this a far more independent and personalised experience.

Reduction in Vapour

In addition to it being beneficial for the user, the inclusion of computer algorithms within this type of technology could also be beneficial for those around them. This is because it has the potential to limit the amount of vapour that is produced and thus makes it more enjoyable for non-smokers in the surrounding area. By adapting the vapour volume dependant on where you are or who you are around can have plenty of benefits and with smart technology, we could soon see e-cigarettes doing this of their own accord.

As technology continues to be used to enhance vaping, you can be sure that you will be able to have more control over your overall experience. This is something that can be beneficial and help to enhance it for new users as well as help to aid those that are looking to quit smoking.


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