How These New Tech Updates Are Making Homes Safer in 2019

Knowing that you are in control of your home security can bring you a sense of safety and peace of mind. Having a dependable system in place can also discourage criminals from breaking into your house or vandalizing it. So what are the main elements of a home security system anyway? Well part of it has to do with your personal practices and the precautions you take.

The other element though is the physical system itself, which is what most people think of when they think about the subject. New advancements in the tech industry have revolutionized the way we think about security equipment. These updates have made it easier than ever to install smart gadgets and tools in our home. Read on to learn about several technologies that have gained positive attention in 2019 for making homes safer.



Cameras are one of the best ways to stay in the know about what is going on in your home. With cameras installed, you can catch that guy who keeps stealing the neighborhood’s packages. Or maybe you just want to check in on your pet while you are away. There are many different kinds of cameras, all with different prices, sizes, and features. Which camera you should use depends on where you want to install it and how long you need to record.

Some of the most popular ones that have been released this year include a range of doorbell based models, smartphone paired models, Google Assistant models, and more. Long range, wireless ones are also common.

If this interests you, you can read about 8 of the best long range wireless security camera systems on the market right now. When choosing an option, keep in mind industry research and customer reviews.



Sensors are another great choice to install in your house. Two of the most common types include door sensors and window sensors. Sensors are important accessories, especially for potential break-ins.The newest models that were released this year can detect a wide range of movements. If someone tries to enter through your window or get past you door locks, the sensors are triggered.

They can trigger a loud, audible alarm that scares the intruder away. Some people opt for silent alarms that immediately notify nearby authorities to catch the person in the act. Control of these sensors are easier than ever with new models that manufacturers have released. Some can even be turned on or off remotely from a mobile device.


Control Panels

Once you decide what you want the basics of your home security system to look like, you should think about your control panel. Control panels are used for programming. They are also the primary way for you to interact with your system when you enter the house. They are often password protected and can be disabled after a password is entered. Some of them also use key fobs and voice activation.

No matter what model you decide to get, it should be in a good location in case of an emergency.


Where to Buy

If you are wondering where to shop for your new security gadgets, there are many options. One option is a physical store. Most cities have several places that are dedicated to security and surveillance items. You can even talk to professionals who work there about advice and installation options. Another route to take is the online route. Big online retail giants like Amazon have a variety of technologies available to order.

As you build a system full of the best new tech updates, don’t be as concerned about the cost. Protection of your home might end up being an investment, but make sure you purchase based on what gives you the most peace of mind.


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