How to Choose a Domain Name

A domain name works essentially like a street address for a website online. Computers can use IP addresses to locate sites, which is inconvenient for users. This is why there are domain names simple to remember and use. The domain name consists of your website name and the domain extension. This way, you can create a great website name that will represent your brand and make it memorable. If you want to buy a domain hosting UK, click this link to see more information about available domains. The whole process of domain name registration after you have selected it takes only 24 to 72 hours to be available worldwide.


Tips for Choosing the Perfect Domain Name

A lot of website owners want to know how to pick a domain name because the name of your website is very impactful for a business. Much like the brand name, the domain represents your company and often influences clients to either stay or leave. Here, you will be able to buy and register a domain easily. But here are some easy tips on how to choose a domain name:

  •  The right domain extension. There are so many new domain extensions available nowadays like .blog or .photo. However, if you are unsure how to find domain name, it is still recommended to use .com as this is a staple domain name that fits perfectly for all reputable websites.
  •  Keep it short. Of course, it is not easy to come up with a short and memorable domain name. However, longer names will be more difficult for clients to memorize and will not stand out as much. It is better to keep your domain under fifteen characters for a better effect.
  •  Make the name brandable. Having a unique name is more beneficial for a business. We all know such names as or, but names like will not do it for customers. Make your domain name reflect your business while not describing it directly.
  •  Do not use hyphens. A hyphen in the domain name is usually a sign of a website that wanted to use a name that is already taken and had to use this symbol to make a slight difference. Many spam websites also use this trick, and you do not want to be associated with that.
  •  Do your research. It is crucial to research your potential brand name before choosing it to avoid having a similar name with other well-known brands. Make sure to create a totally unique name to avoid possible confusion and plagiarism claims.


Creating a custom domain name can open great opportunities for your business and make it stand out from the crowd. Do not wait to claim a unique and brandable name to increase your business efficiency.


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