Launch of PES 2021 Lite was well accepted

PES (Pro Evolution Soccer) fans were given a treat last week when PES 2021 Lite was released by Konami. For those who are staunch fans of the popular video game, they will be able to download a free version of eFootball PES which is available on PS4, Xbox One and Steam.

The long-running hit football game saw the 2021 version released in September, but for those who were not able to get their hands on it, then they are not out of luck. You can now download eFootball PES where Konami have guaranteed that you will have lots of great content that will keep you entertained.

Kick-off mode

For those who wish to do PvP (Player v Player mode), Konami has made it possible for those to play eFootball PES for matchday games or specific tournaments. Matchday is now the “home of the eFootball Open” which is a universally accessible esports tournament and welcomes players of all abilities – Invader reports.

In addition, PES also includes the “local match” and “training” modes which allows players to sharpen and hone their skills before they can take them to the next level.

Edit mode

In the edit mode, Konami has brought PES up to date by giving the players the chance to customise and create their own kits and team names. In previous editions, PES did not always have all the naming rights for teams competing in Europe’s top leagues. There is a phalanx of teams that you can choose to play with, including Manchester United, Liverpool and Real Madrid.

In addition, the myClub section of the game gives players access to the Iconic Moment Series which provides a variety of players past and present who are chosen based on memorable moments throughout their careers and there are enhanced stats to draw attention to their performances at any given time.



Konami excitement

Although the company has several other IP’s that are soon going out, Konami has been extremely excited about the launch of PES Lite which gives players the chance to build their dream.

A statement from the producers of PES read: “PES 2021 LITE provides unrestricted access to all the features of myClub mode, which allows players to build their very own dream team that suits their personal playstyle.

“Players can train their rookies into superstars or sign Legends and other powerful footballers to get an edge on the competition.

“The Iconic Moment Series, new from launch this year, is the latest way to improve your myClub squad. These strong player variants are based on memorable moments from the careers of current and former superstars, featuring boosted stats that reflect their performance at that time.”

PES giveaway

In the run-up to Christmas, Konami and PES have been running on social media a competition which entails 12 days of giveaways. Among the prizes included are 1 of 3 PES 2021 Full Game Codes on PS4. Full terms and conditions can be read on eFootball PES’ official Twitter page. Winners will usually be contacted within 72 hours of entering.


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