Lazy Sundays – Week 05/2016

Welcome to Funky Kit’s Lazy Sundays … Week 05 of 2016. We published two rewiews, posted 4 videos and loads of articles. Also some great news regarding our new server. Let’s start with this week’s updates  …

Updates & Reviews

News announcement:

Funky Kit is pleased to announce the successful migration to our new server. A huge thanks to Yao (aka FunkFlex) who has been instrumental in making this happen. You are a true genius. We all owe you one 😉

Our new server will be using SSD disks!! and it’s gonna be fast … powered by 2 vCPUs (dedicated not shared) with at least 3.7GB RAM. Remember, this is not a gaming rig 😛 so the above specs are more than enough to host our website. Read the full article here … Funky Kit – The new server is up and running.



We’ve got loads of videos for you this week. Go take a look at FKTV …



No podcast this week as we’ve been busy with editing and posting the above videos … However, rest assured we will have one for you next week. In the meantime, don’t forget to subscribe to our podcasts on iTunes and also on our YouTube channel.


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As always, we welcome your input and suggestions on how to improve our website, so why not contact us or leave a comment below.

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