Looking To Start Trading Stocks? Here’s What You Can Do

The best thing about the world of today is that it comes with a lot of opportunities. For example, you can go online and order pizza if you want to, buy a game you’ve been looking forward and even trade stocks.

Online stock trading is something that anyone can get into which is why newcomers can easily get the hang of it and pros can just continue what they do. But if you’re new to online stock trading then there are some things you’ll need to learn and do.

Being prepared is half the battle which is why in this article we’ll teach you the ropes of trading stocks online. You can take these tips and expand on them if you’re looking to start your career as an online stock trader. Without further ado, here’s what you can do:


Set Your Account

The thing about trading online stocks is that you’ll need an account with an online company that will give you access to online stocks. You can find lots of them online and you’ll need to do some research before sticking to one and making an account there.

A good reputation can help you find the right company and you’ll be able to find out why there are some many people going for that one. You’ll also need to prepare your bank account as you’ll need to deposit money into your trading account when trading stocks. Once you’ve done this, it’s time for the next step.

Do Your Homework on Stocks

Just like you’ve done your research on the best online stock trading companies or best trading websites, you’ll need to do your own research on stocks. You’ll find that there are many of them on the market and you’ll need to look into them before deciding on a buy. An alternative to stocks would be ETFs and they are a safer place to start when trading stocks. Besides stocks, you can also trade in other assets as this will diversify your portfolio and give you a lot of options. This is a good piece of advice as you shouldn’t keep all your eggs in the same basket.

Determining the Price of Stock Trading

The price of stocks is determined and changes daily, but the entire process of trading stocks can be quite expensive. Once you begin, you might go for a brokerage that doesn’t charge commissions which would be a good idea as you won’t get extra expenses when you buy your first stocks. But when you start trading seriously then these expenses will start piling up.

That’s why you’ll need to understand expense ratios. This is a percentage paid to the person managing the funds of the stock. Another thing you’ll need to know about is risk tolerance. You’ll need an example if you’re to better understand this.

So, imagine your stocks lost half of their values and ask yourself what would you do after the crash? If you buy more, then you have aggressive risk tolerance. Andi if you sell then you have conservative risk tolerance. But you may have some stocks to lose so you can get to the better ones which is why you’ll need to be familiar with your budget and the way to cope with the loss of assets.

Alternatives to Online Stock Trading

Besides trading stocks online, you should be aware of the alternatives as they can also be as profitable as trading stocks. Robo-advisers are an alternative solution to trading as these apps use all sorts of algorithms to analyze the market and make decisions for you when it comes to trading.

Alternatively, you can use mutual funds which give you access to a variety of sections of a market via one fund. Naturally, you can rely on all other sources that can help you trade stocks online and teach you to be a better trader.

Trading Your First Stock

Now that you know a bit about trading stocks online it’s time for trading your first one. But you’ll need to fund your account first. Since you’re online you’ll need to connect your bank account to your brokerage account and transfer the funds. You’ll need to wait for some time before the money settles and once it does you’ll need to pick an order. When you’ve done this, you’ll need to wait for the order to execute. If it’s a limited one, then this will take some time but not if it’s a market one as these execute instantly.


These are just the first steps of trading stocks online. If you follow them you will have bought your first stock and taken the first steps as a stock trader. In time, you’ll need to look into more advanced strategies and broaden your horizons because beginners never stay the same.


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