Migration to Online Gaming Was Already Happening

As people continue doing their best to distance themselves socially these days, we’re all looking for fun things to do at home. One of these things is playing games online while using a bonus code. You can try the free games or head to the cashier section and place a deposit that will enable you to play for real money

During the last week of March, the usage of gaming applications saw a drastic spike of about 132%. That’s because people were looking to connect through online gaming portals and virtual games. The demand for jack-box games also increases from 500% to 1000% within the year, and it might get even more difficult to get a Nintendo switch.

But is this trend also being witnessed in card and tabletop games like Settlers of Catan? Well, tabletop games are not safe to play at the moment, unless you live with other players in your home. Many companies have also shifted their board games to online platforms in response to the boom in demand.

While industry experts reckon that the social distancing rule spurred the market boom, games expert Jim Lowder seems to disagree. According to Lowder, the pandemic didn’t contribute to any huge change towards remote gaming.

In his statement, Jim believes that the pandemic met the gaming industry in the middle of a transition, but didn’t create the shift. To him, the migration of tabletop to online gaming was already happening, but this accelerated it.

Geek media have become part of the mainstream culture over the last decade, just like digital and tabletop games. The games have attracted a wider audience, which is part of the reason why people of all ages are now playing more than ever. 

There are two positives, according to Lowder, that as a result of games like animal crossing during a pandemic: you can build your community, and you have the freedom to control your environment. 

For the gaming industry, the main focus is figuring out a way to present the experience virtually in a way that captures what appeals to players in real life. 

Another positive of online games is that the connections are even more significant since the physical space does not limit you.  Online gaming allows you to pick up games. That is an added advantage if you do not have a regular gaming group. It does not matter the medium, finding a way to tell stories and create memories can help you transcend everything else happening. 

On the other hand, not all online gaming recorded an upward trend. For games like football, basketball, among others, almost came to a standstill. The cause of this is the cancellation of most of the games due to the pandemic. Online betting sites recorded a significant drop by an average of thirty percent. The resumption of games in most of the major leagues gave hope to the online bettors. Online gamers are hoping for the full recovery of all the games to have a variety of games to place their wager.


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