Most Valuable Ninjago Sets

If your children are fans of the TV show “Ninjago: Master of Spinjitsu,” and can’t seem to stop raving about the characters and the modern cities and ancient villages, then they will definitely enjoy playing with the Ninjago sets from LEGO.

The Ninjago sets are quite a popular theme, so it’s no wonder that a scarcity of some of the models caused prices to surge. In this article, we look at some of the more famous Ninjago LEGO sets that have tripled in value since their release.


LEGO Ninjago OverBorg Attack 70722

This is a 207-piece set that builds the slick cycle with golden blades, weapons and accessories, and two minigures: OverBorg and Lloyd. A tank bike with daggers and circular saw blades is also included in the set. Overboard’s mech chair has movable legs and can be attached to the all-terrain tank bike. While this is a smaller set compared with other sets in the collection, it packs a lot of fun because of its many great inclusions. Kids ages eight to 14 years old will be able to build the set with ease, using the instruction booklet that comes with the box.

On its year of release, the set cost $20, but if you were to buy it today, you’ll find that it retails from $32 to $80.


LEGO Ninjago Garmadon’s Dark Fortress 2505

The set was released in 2011 as an addition to the Ninjago line by LEGO. This 518-piece set features several moving pieces, six minifigures including Kai, Garmadon, Bonezai, Samukai, and Chopov, and spiders and skeleton that pops out of the fortress. It has three levels of traps and obstacles that you need navigate through to help Kai and Nya reclaim the golden weapons from Samukai. It will take you a few hours to build the set, but once assembled you’ll find a lot of play value in it.

This set originally sold for $70, but since it’s a rare model, it now sells for about $172 to $300.


LEGO Ninjago Kai Fighter 70721

The LEGO Ninjago Kai Fighter is a 196-piece set that lets kids play out scenes in the Ninjago movie. Take off using the Ninja Fighter and navigate between the modern city and the ancient villages of Ninjago with the Kai minifigure in the cockpit. The Kai Fighter has gold-tipped flick missiles which can be used to fire at the evil General Cryptor, while the Kai and General Crypto minifigures come with special armor. The finished model measures more than four inches high, 10 inches long, and 13 inches wide. This was a $20 dollar set when it was released in 2014, but now sells for at least $35, and can even go up to $85.

LEGO Ninjago Destiny’s Bounty Shield 9446

The Ninjago Movie Destiny’s Bounty Lego set is designed for children ages 9-to-14, though older fans may enjoy building this as well. A total of 2295 pieces make up this model, and it may take a few hours to build because of the smaller pieces. The included minifigures (Sensei Wu,  Lord Garmadon, Skales, Kendo Jay, Slithraa ,and Kendo Zane) each carry their own weapons, and every character has two facial expressions, except for Master Wu. The massive ship included in the set measures 17 inches high, 21 inches long, and six inches wide. Aboard the ship, you’ll find plenty of details to play with including a teapot, a fish, a broom, lanterns, and weapons.

This set cost around $100 when it was first released. Now it goes from $120 to $180.


LEGO Ninjago The Golden Dragon 70503

The Golden Dragon set is made up of 252 pieces of LEGO bricks that lets you build a golden dragon with blade wings and a split tail. For pretend battles, kids can use the catapult base to launch attacks, or use the weapons such as a spear, a hammer, and a dynamite. Minifigures include the golden ninja Lloyd, scout and a warrior. The model went from a $30 set to a $120 set.

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