Online Stores Photos: How to Make the Best Shot

To sell products or services online, it is not enough to write the best copywriting pieces ever and just wait for a corresponding feedback. Of course, the major part of information is perceived through eyes, so to pay little attention to the visual content of the internet-based platform is a highway to hell.

The main purpose is to attract customers with the offered assortment, and beautifully made images are a great contribution to the overall quality of your website. Apart from making the system intuitive in use and flexible for non-techno-savvy clients, your duty is to make the best of your visual component.

The perfect solution is to arrange shooting sessions on your own to ensure the quality of the achieved results will satisfy your objectives. Here are some of the basic things to take into consideration to create stand-out-of-crows pieces.



The composition of an image is essential. Just imagine red goods located in front of the same-colored background. It seems a quite disappointing idea, isn’t it? To stay on the safe side, it is recommended to give preference to minimalistic solutions to emphasize the main merits of the main hero of the shot — the item to sell or advertize itself.

Besides, there is no need to make a perfect result from the first try. Feel free to experiment with bright colors and combine different shapes in the front and back parts of your image composition. Specialized color correction apps will help make a necessary focus and correct light conditions of each image.


Say “No” to Flash

On the one hand, it is a wide-spread approach to follow trends in photo design. On the other hand, why not get rid of unnecessary white spots and glare in the easiest way possible? Too good isn’t good, too. Take a couple of experiment shots to check whether the lighting is set up right. The best option is to make photos in the daylight conditions. To be more time-flexible, purchase a few pieces of professional light equipment to ensure the high quality of images. The more detailed your work is during making a shot, the less effort you have to invest into improving the achieved result.


Lifesaving Tripod

You can hire a professional photographer to help you create a personalized image of your online store. For shooting without third parties, don’t forget to use a tripod. Photos can be made on any device — customers are not obliged to purchase a special camera for this aim. But a tripod is what guarantees no staggering and fewer soapy pictures.


After-Shooting Customization

“Raw” photos can be beautiful, that’s for sure. But to improve slight mistakes or make the unique filter-style of all the images you have is a great idea to use for your online store. In this perspective, Retouch will become an all-in-one solution to guide customers through every necessary step from choosing the proper size of the photo to editing extra background shades.


The Bottom Line

The rules for promoting an online store don’t vary greatly, depending on the actual size of your business. With these simple pieces of advice, any newcomer in the field is up in arms to make a unique photo advertisement of their goods/services to increase the customer awareness of their brand in general. 


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