PS4 Surprise Update: Free Playstation 5 Game Upgrade Is Confirmed

With PS 5 scheduled for a release later this year, PS 4 gamers are still having fun with games like FIFA and GTA IV. Speaking of games, NJ Online casinos at betoclock are offering great promotions to have fun without risking your bankroll. With high paying sign up bonuses, new game releases, and trusted banking options. Even better for PS4 gamers, there’s a new game yet to be unveiled that will benefit greatly from the release of the new generation console. 

As many fans will come to know, Marvel’s Avengers will be available on PC, Xbox, and PS4 in September this year. While it’s hard to predict the kind of new adventure it will bring on the market, it’s clear that the game developers (Crystal Dynamics) have long-term plans for the title. As a result, you can expect a lot of new story content and expansions with plenty of new playable characters. 

If you are a PS4 gamer, it will not be wise to buy the title just before the release of PlayStation 5. It is not known when PS5 will be released but is expected to be on the shelves between October and December this year. The advertisement this week by crystal dynamics has confirmed that marvel avengers will be available on PlayStation 5 on its release day. 

When you buy the avengers for the PS4 platform either on disc or digitally, and later upgrade it to PS5, you will get the PS5 version of the game with all its enhancements without any payment. From the looks of things, crystal dynamics will offer a better marvel avengers experience better on PS5. A confirmation from crystal dynamics this week, gamers will have maximum experience of the game in PS5. 

What most gamers look for are extra graphic features that bring out the best image quality of the game. In regards to this, marvel’s avengers will offer an enhanced graphics mode on PS5. Marvel’s avengers will provide a high frame rate mode on PS5, which targets 60 FPS with dynamic 4 k resolutions. The improvements made by GPU and CPU on PS5 are exciting. Also, the introduction to an ultra-speed SSD with very high load speeds.

The improvement made in the console will see a significant reduction in speed that will see the game load will only one or two seconds and also enable real-time streaming of massive worlds at very high speed. 

Players will jump into missions anywhere in the game world almost instantly when the optimization is complete. The loading of the content will be almost instant. 

Higher-resolution resolutions and textures will stream instantly when iron man files through content-rich levels, maintaining the highest possible quality to the horizon.  

Gamers interested in the upgrading will be interested to know that players in the marvels avengers who do not move consoles won’t have to leave their friends behind. Ps5 gamers will be able to play marvel avengers with ps4 gamers. That means anyone can upgrade at any time and continue playing with friends on both platforms. 

The first mentality with crystal dynamics is games. they want to make marvel’s avengers easy to play and enjoyable to players with the additional features ps5 brings to the game.


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