Spam Blacklist Checker

Every web administrator struggles with “cleaning” the web page from undesirable spam messages, spread by spambots. Such messages may look quite ordinary at first glance. However, that is the trick. Website or forum users may take the message as a reliable information or even an advice written by another person, without realizing its soliciting background. Such posts, as a rule, contain marketing techniques and a direct link to the website of a product or service provider. However, the link may also take a user to a malicious website with potentially dangerous content. It may also lead users to download software with viruses, which can bring unrepairable danger to user’s system.

Spam Check

Luckily, there is a way to check the spam spreading IP/email addresses or domains. As a website moderator, you can insert the IP address of a suspicious account into the spam blacklist checker and immediately find out whether this address has been previously involved in spam activities. The checker will analyze the unique IP address and will give a positive result if this very address is already in the database.


Increase Online Security

Probably, the majority of users do not fully realize the danger of spam on the Internet until they become its victim. While filling in CAPTCHAs and security puzzles may seem like an annoying and dull process, it is a spam-preventive measure. Its main disadvantage is that the majority of “smart” spambots can easily pass these tests and receive access to the sites. That is why, website administrators have to use other means of protection such as email confirmation, etc. Nevertheless, the more complex the registration process and security check is, the less likely users are to go through it till the end. This is also an important thing to take into account.


Anti-Spam Services

There are numerous services that help websites, forums, and blogs stay spam-free on a constant basis. They provide an ongoing monitoring to make sure every new message, comment, or registered user is not a work of spambots. Such an approach to site’s security has the following advantages:

  • Less pressure on site administrators.
  • No need for manual control of every activity.
  • Less annoying security checks measures.
  • More user-friendly and convenient registration process.
  • Fully reliable and spam-free content.   
  • More regular and newly registered users.
  • Greater popularity of a website/blog/forum.


Fight with spambots is on its peak. As a website administrator or as a regular Internet user, you do not want to be involved and tricked by malicious activities. Thus, knowing how to identify and check the suspicious user is of primary importance. Spam blacklist checkers can come in handy when it comes to IP or email, or domain checks.


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