Tech Trends To Look Forward To In 2019

2019 is already almost in the books, but that doesn’t mean that the year still doesn’t have a lot to offer. In fact, 2019 could be the biggest year for technology thus far. Technology is completely changing the way that people are doing things and there could be even more major changes in 2019. Just look at how smartphones and online retail have taken over the market. More and more people are now purchasing items online and they are doing so by using their phones and tablets as opposed to their laptops or desktops. This is just a few of the tech trends that you have probably noticed over the years, but could 2019 offer even more exciting trends?


Blockchain Technology

There is a good chance that you have probably already noticed the increasing popularity of cryptocurrency. Heck, there is even a good chance that you have probably used some form of cryptocurrency. Well, most people don’t realize that it is the blockchain technology behind cryptocurrency that makes it so popular. Blockchain technology is like a huge impenetrable database that anyone, anywhere with an Internet connection can take advantage of.

Blockchain technology is so much different than your traditional databases because it doesn’t belong to anyone. This means that faking documents, transactions, and other information become virtually impossible. As of right now, most people associate blockchain technology with cryptocurrency, but people are discovering that blockchain technology can be useful in a number of modern applications like job recruiting. Look for this technology to make a big splash in 2019.


5G Mobile Networks

If you have a smartphone or tablet you are probably familiar with 3 or 4G networks. These networks were game changers for the mobile world as they offer lightning-fast Internet speeds that are needed for streaming, downloading and gaming. In fact, this technology played a huge part in the growth of mobile gaming. Would you be surprised to learn that some nations are now gearing up for 5G networks? This technology is already in the testing phase and it has been quoted as being 5 times faster than 4G. If this is the case and the technology is available in 2019 it will have major impacts for mobile users. In addition to this, 5G networks offer users the chance to take advantage of slicing techniques and pay for the increased size of mobile-networking boosting.

Online Gambling

It is virtually almost impossible to go anywhere on the Internet without at least seeing an ad or two for online casinos. Gambling has always been a favorite past time for many, but thanks to online casinos online gambling has read all new heights. The appeal of logging onto a Wi-Fi hotspot from anywhere in the world and placing a bet makes the attraction too appealing to resist. Well, casinos like togel online are always looking for new ways to implement technology into their platform. A number of casinos already offer online streaming of live sports as well as live dealers. The technology available in 2019 will only give online providers the ability to entice their customers more and more with technological offerings.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence, is by no means, a new concept. It is something that has been around for a long time and many people have seen examples of it in movies. Well, this technology is actually being implemented in the real world as well and it is possible that 2019 will be the biggest year for the technology. Al units have already managed to excel in specific tasks like driving, playing games, painting, cooking, responding to voice commands, reading facial recognition, and the list just goes on. Look for this technology to open many doors in 2019.

Cyber Defenses

If you were paying close attention in 2018 there is a good chance that you noticed the rise in cybercrime. This is something that has been a scourge on the Internet and only grown more threatening as time has passed. Well, it looks like 2019 could put an end to all this. Companies are now taking advantage of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies that can help them spot security breaches before they take place. Enhanced encryption and detection could be a major game-changer in the online security sector.


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