The Best Secure Routers to Consider in 2020

Cybersecurity is no joke, and thousands of internet surfers are looking for ways to make their digital life more private. Your router plays a pivotal role, and we are not only referring to the fact that some users might forget to change the original passwords of routers. Flawed or outdated firmware can open doors to attackers and enable them to steal your data or perform other vicious acts against you. 

But how can you know which router is secure so that you can use it for personal or business purposes? Only some of them have features that add several security layers. Also, you need to follow the guidelines for keeping routers up to date with the latest security trends. After extensive research and testing, the following routers emerged as the best ones in 2020. 


Synology RT2600ac

Synology delivers excellent routers for users concerned about their privacy. RT2600ac is a futuristic model name for a feature-rich router with support for MU-MIMO data streaming. It comes with dual-WAN connectivity and has fast and reliable Wi-Fi mods. You can use both 2.4GHz and 5GHz network setups. 

The router has a price tag that might force some users to look for more budget-friendly options. However, its capabilities are worth the cost. For instance, you can create your own cloud service at home because it can connect to an external hard drive. 

Security-wise, RT2600ac comes with The Security Advisor feature. It lets you scan your network for a range of cyber threats, including malware. The scan presents insightful reports with recommendations for how to deal with detected threats.

Despite being one of the sophisticated options on the market, RT2600ac is relatively easy to configure. It comes with an intuitive Web UI, and you will be able to set it up and put it to use even if you don’t come from a hardcore technical background. 


Asus AC3100 RT-AC88U

Asus AC3100 RT-AC88U is one of the most popular routers out there. While it is in the same price range as the Synology one, this dual-band router will definitely satisfy your needs for a more secure router. Its Web UI is often labeled as cutting-edge, letting you set everything up in minutes.

When it comes to performance, RT-AC88U delivers ultra-fast Wi-Fi speeds. It has a long-range and a stable signal: the four antennas are there to ensure this. If you don’t need them, you can simply detach them from the router case. Moreover, the product comes with Mu-MIMO data streaming support.

Eight Gigabit LAN ports are quite impressive because the routers in this category typically offer four ports. You can aggregate the first two ports for a whopping 2Gbps connection speed if you need it.

Asus AiProtection supports this model in cooperation with Trend Micro. It comes with several layers of network security, privacy protection, and parental controls.


Netgear (R7000-100PAS) Nighthawk AC1900

Nighthawk AC1900 doesn’t look as fancy as Nighthawk AX12, but it excels in other areas to compensate. AC19000 comes with a high-speed processor, and it’s one of the fastest routers on the market. 

At the same time, it comes with a range of features. If you are tech-savvy, you will easily fall in love with this product as it allows you to play around with an array of settings. It supports Wi-Fi speed of up to 600Mbps thanks to Broadcom TurboQAM. You can also connect a hard drive to it and turn it in your local backup storage. 

On top of that, you have several security layers and privacy protection. Netgear keeps an eye open for firmware flaws and updates it regularly to prevent router breaches and protect the consumers. 


Linksys WRT AC3200

We added Linksys WRT AC3200 because it’s an open-source router. Before we address the open-source aspect, let’s take a quick look at the performance. AC2300 comes with very powerful hardware. You will enjoy its fast performance, ease of use, and a stable signal.

The feature we loved the most is the Tri-Stream 160 technology. Thanks to this perk, you will be able to enjoy the speeds of 2.6Gbps. Additionally, with MU-MIMO, you will enjoy consistent performance across all your devices connected to Linksys. So, let’s address the elephant in the room: the router is open source. It means you can fine-tune it how you please and even use custom firmware.


Use a VPN for Even More Privacy Online

A VPN on router can really boost your protection online. Virtual Private Network provides an additional layer of security by encrypting your communications. If a hacker manages to hop onto your network, your data will remain secure because no one can decipher it. You will also enjoy the benefits of complete anonymity and the ability to access geo-blocked content. This option is especially useful to those users who find the prices of more security-oriented routers too high. A VPN service is a budget-friendly option to making sure that your connection remains private. 


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