The Technology and Innovation Behind Vaping

Why are so many smokers making the transition from cigarettes to vaporizers? Well, there’s tremendous technology behind these devices that makes it easier for traditional smokers to enjoy the healthier benefits of vaping.

Recent developments in vape devices have completely transformed the process of smoking. These devices are different than cigarettes, but they’re powerful and exciting to smokers.  

So, what makes vaping technology so innovative? Read on to learn how vaping technology works and what products are worth buying.


What’s Inside Vapes?

Many vape pens are small, so it’s easy to assume that not much is going on inside. However, there’s complex technology in these devices that make the vapor appear.

Traditionally, these devices are made up of three components:

  • Battery
  • Atomizer
  • Cartridge


A battery is located inside that is capable of powering the e-cigarette for up to an entire day on a single charge.

The most complex aspects come in the form of the atomizer and the cartridge. These pieces are what create the vapor through the process of smoking. The atomizer works as a heating element and heats the liquid found inside the cartridge.

When you smoke through this device, the atomizer gets to work and then the vaporizing process is completed.


New Technologies Found in Vaping Devices

This is only the basic process that vaping devices offer. However, these devices come with many exciting features to enhance user experience.

Looking at the RELX Infinity, you can see just how far many of these devices have come in a short period of time.

Equipped with many new features, these e-cigarettes have undergone some large advancements in the world of technology.

Let’s go over some of the highlights:


Exterior Features

Today, many of devices are equipped with exterior lights and even vibration settings which can provide the user with more information than ever before.

Some devices will vibrate at a certain point in time to let users know that they are nearing the end of an acceptable nicotine consumption. This advancement will help to wean those off of higher, unhealthy levels of nicotine in a safe and manageable way.


Liquid Enhancement

As the action of vaping has become more popular, there has been a better understanding of some of the more prevalent side effects to inhaling these vapors.

To combat some of these issues, the makeup of the liquids in the cartridges has begun to change as well. There has been an attempt to invent a whole new substance that would go into these units. These new liquids are comprised of a nicotine and salt mixture and are specifically designed to address some of the more common issues.

For example, this concoction does not take away from the vaping process at all but, it also does not cause any immediate irritation to the throat or lungs after using.

While there will always be long term effects, as with traditional smoking, these developments help to negate some of those direct issues that users have faced. Obviously, health is a large concern when discussing any type of smoking, so these advancements are a result of that focus.


Manufacturing Materials

One final advancement that has been noteworthy is the transition to ceramic materials rather than the other, harsher elements that were used on past models.

This transition is both innovative and has helped to make vaping a safer practice than ever before.


Where Will This Technology Lead Us The Vaping Industry?

As more smokers make the transition to using vaping and e-cigarette devices, new developments in the industry will arrive and change how vaping works. Fortunately, traditional smokers can enjoy all the amazing benefits that vaping offers right now. Vaping technology makes smoking easier, more convenient, and less physically taxing.


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