The Tips and Tricks Of Lasting a Marathon Gaming Session

Clear your schedule – it’s time for a marathon gaming session!

But once you have arranged with your mates on the details like the venue and the games you are going to play, it’s time to start planning ahead.

How are you going to stay awake when your energy levels start to drop? What are you going to do for food and for drink? What else might you need to stock up on ahead of the big day?

Here are the best AustralianCasinoClub recommendations for a marathon session, whether it is gaming or gambling you are playing over a long session. Have fun!


Stay hydrated

This is probably the main thing, even though drinking lots of water will mean bathroom breaks. Without regular hydration, your body is going to suffer, so make sure you drink lots of water.

The regular visits to the tap and the toilet will help to keep you awake as well, so there are a couple of important reasons for this one.


Take regular breaks

Even if you are planning a full weekend of gaming or gambling, taking breaks is important.

If you are going to be staring at a screen for hours and hours on end, you are going to put your eyesight at risk. No marathon session is ever going to be worth not being able to see.

It is recommended to schedule a break of at least 10 minutes for every couple of hours. This will help you to clear your brain and ensure you make better decisions when you return to action.



If you want to stay awake all night, caffeine is going to be a must to make it through. Energy drinks are an obvious place to start here but they can be very bad for you, so try not to have more than one or two.

Instead, coffee is the obvious option and this is what most people will use to keep them alert whenever they are having a marathon session.

For those who do not like the taste of energy drinks or coffee, green tea is an alternative.



As well as drinks to stay alert, you are going to need some snacks to fend off hunger pangs.

Junk food is a staple choice for gamers on a marathon session, but after a big feed of pizza you are likely to want a lie down rather than to continue playing on.

Instead, try to eat little and often – this is a good reason to take regular breaks as well.

Healthy food like carrot sticks and a hummus dip might not be the most exciting option out there, but it will help to keep up energy levels when you start to flag late on.


Stock up on sleep

If you are planning to stay up for a full 24 hours or longer, stocking up on sleep is a must. Try to get at least eight hours, or as much as 10 if you can, the night before your all-nighter.

That way, your body will not start to feel tired until much later in the day, giving you the best possible chance of going on for longer – especially if you use caffeine to stay alert too.


Fruit juice

Going back to food and drink, many games swear by fruit juice for a marathon session.

Sweet enough to keep your sugar rush going yet still healthier than a soda or an energy drink, fruit juices might well turn out to be the ideal compromise option between the two. Fruits like bananas are always good for a quick shot of energy.

Too much fruit juice might get a bit sickly after a while though, so alternate with water as well. Or if you want to liven up your all-night gaming session, pour a little vodka in there…


Mix things up

Whatever you have stocked up on to stay awake, your choice of game will have an impact too.

The brain will naturally start to shut down after spending many hours on the same activity, so changing things up will give you a natural boost.

For example, a stint at a party game or something like Wii Sports can get you ready to go again by replenishing those energy levels. On the flip side, strategy games will keep you thinking.


Avoid too much sugar

Sugar highs might feel like the way to go for a marathon session, but beware the crash.

For any extended period of time, maintaining a consistent sugar boost is highly unrealistic. Especially if you don’t want to get a massive bill the next time you have to visit the dentist.

Save your sugar hits for when you are really struggling to stay awake. It is fine in moderation, just like most things, but you will crash if you have too much sugar in a small space of time.

Follow some of the above tips and tricks and you’re all set for a legendary session. Enjoy!


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