Three Ways to Figure Out Who Is Spam Calling You

Have you noticed that suddenly your life had been overtaken by spam calls? I know I have.And I can never tell if the unknown number that pops up on my phone is someone who I need to actually speak to, or some robot or harassing salesman I’ll end up hating.I’m sure it would be even more frustrating if I was on the job hunt!

What’s more is I can’t figure out how I got myself on these spammers’lists! Finally, I decided to find some ways to lookup and block these callers. With these methods,anyone can either report these scammers to a larger entity or contact these companies directly and try to set themselves free from these companies’ endless droning. After some research,here is what I found to release me and everyone else from the grasp of spam calls.


1. Put Yourself on The National Do Not Call Registry

Yup, it’s actually real! The United States has an official National “Do Not Call” Registry that blocks known spam numbers from calling you. Plus, this registry can also work to mute unsolicited business calls. While this may not seem like a step to help you find out who is spam calling you, you would be wrong.

Putting yourself on the United States’ Do Not Call Registry allows you to report spam callers that still call you after your number has been registered as “Do Not Call”. Once you report the culprit’s number, over the phone or online, then the federal government can look into these scammers and expose them for you.They can even prosecute scammers who are breaking the law. Helping us all find and crack down on the scammers as a team.


2. Do a Reverse Phone Number Search

If a single number is persistent in their calls, another option is to look up the phone number that you continue to receive calls from.

At this point,any phone number in the world will have some sort of digital footprint or identity. This makes it easier to use a cell phone carrier lookup or online source to scout out the company name associated with the spam callers. From there, you can either report the number with the additional information to the government, as listed above, or directly contact the company to stop receiving calls.

A phone number lookup tool also works well if you think you are receiving calls from multiple phone numbers claiming to be the same company or from callers who are lying about their actual identity. Phone number lookup tools allow you to verify if a phone number is really from a utility, credit card company or big box retailer before you hand over sensitive information. You can never be too safe nowadays,and these online phone lookup tools can give you peace of mind after a few simple taps on your keyboard. It is a simple but effective tool to check if you are being scammed.


3. Save Legitimate Business Contacts and Location Phone Numbers

Ultimately, as much as we all just want to stop all the spammers, it will never happen instantly. That’s why saving your legitimate contacts helps you realize when you are being scammed so you can report the frauds. Being savvy and saving contacts for everyone you can even if they are small notes instead of names can help you realize when a number is spam. It’s a small and easy precaution you can take to separate the real businesses out there from the spammers impersonating them.

All in all, research, reporting, and tracking can save you a ton of headaches regarding spam calls!


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