Tips and Pointers on Purchasing a Gaming Headset

Having a good headset is a very important thing for a dedicated gamer as myself, on both console and PC. In order to know what is happening and be aware of anyone sneaking up on me, I need to hear prompts, noises or alerts all the while being able to hold a conversation with my clan or team mates.

As far as gaming headsets are concerned, if what you mainly play are PC games, chance are that you will already have been able to land something that fits what you need from one of the main Gaming Peripheral brands.



What Is the Ideal Gaming Headset For Me?

There are many questions you should ask while looking for the ideal headset to purchase. A halfway decent gaming headset can be priced beginning at around £50, so you want to be sure you choose one that will suit your needs for a good amount of time.
Here are a few of the most important questions that you should ask:


USB or 3.5mm Jack?
Being as you are able to set it so that you can play music through the speakers on the PC via VoIP E.G. teamspeak or skype heading through the headphone clearing, USB allows you to more accurately control what is being heard. With a 3.5mm jack, it is basically all or nothing at all.
Would You Like To Be Able To Use Them On Other Devices Such as the PS3 or XBOX 360?

Nowadays the headsets that are more expensive work with any kind of hamins system, If on top of playing games on a PC, you also play on a console, this is a plus.

EKHO H80 Origen


The more expensive headsets offer real 7.1 or 5.1 surround sound via a few small speakers which are placed in the ears that offer a depth of field. Although it is a nice feature to have, in comparison with the normal ones, overall sound can be jeopardized, due to the sound quality being affected by the size of the speakers.
So there will be better sound provided by a regular headset which features a 50mm driver than a set of 7.1 or 5.1 when there is no need for surround sound. If you are playing on FPS, it is important that you are completely aware of all of your surroundings, personally I believe that a 7.1 or 5.1 may help out, that being said, this is unnecessary for MMO or RTS games and regular speakers can be used.


Comfort, Ergonomics and Colour

Being as this is truly the most difficult thing to know prior to actually purchasing a headset due to the fact that there are not really many places that allow you to try on the headsets, I have left this for last. Choosing the color is simple, the fit however is not. There are many high end sets that feature an adjustable headband or ear cups to ensure the perfect fit. That being said, the more economical ones do not. The quality of your gaming experience can be greatly affected by this. This is why reading the reviews is very important, they are a great way to start.



Astro Gaming Headset

The gaming peripheral market has recently grown tremendously, most companies are now offering just about anything from mouse mats, keyboards, gaming glasses, mics, headsets and almost anything that you could imagine. This has caused many companies to design things that are specifically for gaming. Currently, one of the most popular companies for headsets is Turtle Beach. They manufacture headsets with fun designs that are for PC and console gaming, there are themes that are based off of your favorite games.

Another popular headset manufacturer who have over the last couple of years made their appearance is Astro Gaming. This is a high end company catering mainly to the more serious and professional gamers. Their base headset starts at £149.00 and their flagship headset costs £249.00 this indicates that their products are pricey. That being said, they are a main equipment sponsor for event series of Major League of Gaming and their products are high quality. These headset function on every platform from PS3, Xbox and PC so if gaming and comfort, these are the best options at the moment.


Tips and Pointers on Choosing a Headset

I am sure that most if you do not want to overly spend on your headset. For more casual gamers, £60 is usually a bit over what they are looking to spend. For the general public, I believe that the companies offering the best headsets are the Turtle beach X12, for console nuts the Steelseries Siberia V2 or the Razer Orce. If you are fine with spending a bit more money to get a headset that can do everything then I suggest the Astro A40 that comes with music system.


In Summary on Gaming Headsets

It is my hope that any questions you may have had on the subject of the best gaming headset is answered in this article and that it showed you that there are quite a few choices available on the market. Nowadays so many different manufacturers are making these products, selecting one merely based on price can be difficult.


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