Top 8 Most Addictive Xbox Games

Microsoft’s gaming powerhouse, the Xbox One, brings the hottest, most advanced video game experiences to your living room for all avid online slots players. With a fierce system playing a large list of exclusive and non-exclusive titles, it is no wonder that Xbox will forever continue to be one of the world leaders in digital entertainment. Here are some of the best games available on the system.


Gears of War 4, 2016

Humanity’s final stand against its dreaded alien nemesis, the Locust, comes to an explosive final stage with Gears of War 4. Follow an all new team of ‘Gears’ taking the fight to the very heart of the Locust presence on earth.

With its beefy mixture of chunky hand-to-hand chainsaw dismemberment and long-range, futuristic ballistic combat, Gears of War has perfected its organic third-person gameplay with its fourth and final conclusion.


Destiny, 2014

The futuristic science fiction shooter was enormously hyped for a long time before it even hit the shelves of game stores. Its heavy expectations were not disappointed, however, as this squad-based, always-online first-person shooter takes players on an ever-expanding journey through space.

Team up with your most skilled friends and liberate Earth, and the galaxy in general, from a terrifying alien force that has brought devastation to the once-thriving solar system. Destiny has acquired many expansions throughout the years since its 2014 release, making an already excellent game far more diverse and complex.


Battlefield 1, 2016

World War I has never featured that much in games, until now. EA and Dice have brought their hugely successful military first-person-shooter to the beginnings of the 20th century, where the first of the monstrous World Wars took place.

Take part in some of the most iconic battles of this war, from the Somme, to Verdun. You will have access to a wide variety of historical weapons and vehicles, and even some of the titanic inventions of the time, such as the naval dreadnought or aerial zeppelin. Take the fight online, and prove to the world that you can handle the retro technology and tactics of times gone by.


Overwatch, 2016

Blizzard’s hugely daring move creating an action game has been met with universal critical acclaim, becoming just as successful as their more conventional masterpieces like Warcraft or Star Craft. Overwatch takes place in a future where mankind relies on a team of cybernetics-enhanced heroes to protect them from rogue machines and nefarious evil villains.

With a huge selection of heroes to play as, each bringing a unique skillset and class to the game, you are going to love getting to know each of the spunky and charming characters in this game. Engage in explosively chaotic matches across the world in objective-based gameplay that requires streamlined cooperation and communication.


Grand Theft Auto V, 2013

The explicit yet massively entertaining crime series from Rockstar has reached its pinnacle with its fifth major instalment, this time taking place in the sunny streets of Los Angeles. From the mansions of the green Beverly Hills, to the arid regions of San Andreas’ desert, Grand Theft Auto V has provided a mischievous sandbox of titanic proportions for players to indulge in.

The game follows the lives of three playable main characters, which players will swap between in a smooth and instantaneous manner to pull off a series of major heists, which will become only progressively crazier. Take the thieving shenanigans online, and collude with friends to pull off the job of the century.


Minecraft, 2011

Imagination and ingenuity are key to succeeding in Minecraft, a phenomenally popular family game among both adults and children. The game thrusts creation in your hands, providing you with the tools and materials necessary to create whatever your pioneering spirit can think of.

With its cute, low-polygon graphics, charming soundtrack, and highly-populated online community, Minecraft brings all of the gamers together that prefer creating as opposed to destroying. Since its inception in 2011, Minecraft has successfully built on its already endless possibilities, throwing in more and more assets to further players’ building experiences.


Final Fantasy XV, 2016

The Final Fantasy series holds a very special place in the hearts of millions of people around the world. Having been around since 1987, the Final Fantasy series is one that many people grew up playing.

The fifteenth and latest title in the Japanese Roleplaying Game has completely revolutionized its gameplay, swapping turn-based strategy for hack and slash. This move successfully drew in a much larger crowd, who delighted in exploring the massive world on offer. Join Prince Noctis and his honor guard as they battle an evil empire hell-bent on bringing the world to its knees.


Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

The Metal Gear Solid franchise finds itself on par with Final Fantasy’s legendary and beloved status, its fifth major canonical entry marking the end of one of the most complex and enticing stories known to video games.

The Phantom Pain brings the legendary soldier Snake to his ultimate challenge, as he attempts to rebuild his devastated independent mercenary army from the ground up. Although the Metal Gear Solid games have always emphasized discretion and stealth over more explosive standard shooting action, players are free to decide how they approach every situation, with a wide array of exciting and innovative stratagem on hand.


Xbox One is here to stay for a while, that is until its successor arrives in the next several years. Until then, there is plenty of awesomeness to experience that has already come out, or is yet to. 2017 has a very hot lineup, so keep your eyes peeled for the next hyped release.


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