Top Two eSports Tournaments Worth Betting On

It’s no news that the eSports industry is growing at a very rapid rate in every part of the world. More than $ 100 million was distributed as prize money across various sSports tournaments in 2018 alone. These tournaments covered a wide range of eSports games, including the popular ones like Dota 2, League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) and many more.

While there were only 700 or so tournaments in this domain back in 2010, today thousands of eSports competitions happen in different parts of the world each year. Such immense increase in these tournaments can also be attributed to the constantly rising spectatorship of these games. The eSports audience was estimated at close to 400 million people in 2018. Fans can watch the action in the gaming arenas like KeyArena, Seattle and can also stream the action through YouTube Gaming and Considering the rapidly growing popularity of these tournaments also led to an equal amount of increase in the eSports betting activities. Today you can avail profitable eSports betting odds from a number of reputed bookmakers and score handsome profits by betting on your favourite tournaments.

Let’s now tell you about the top two eSports tournaments that are definitely worth betting on.


Dota 2 – The International

Commonly referred to as just TI, this is the Dota 2 championship that happens every year, normally in August. The event is organised by The Valve, and is entering its ninth year. Its popularity has only grown over all these years, with the prize money being the largest in any a sports event. To give you an idea, the 2018 edition had a whopping $ 25.5 million prize pool.

The tournament happens over time period of 10 days and involves 18 strongest Dota 2 teams from different parts of the world, who battle it out in a round-robin group stage prior to reaching the last 16 phase, featuring a double elimination format. The tournament involves plenty of betting activity and markets like game events, individual match-winners, outright winners and more. The International 2018 tournament happened in Vancouver in Canada from August 15 to August 25 and was won by OG Dota team. You can watch the final match here on this page on


League of Legends World Championship

Also commonly referred to as The Worlds, the League of Legends world championship is by far the most watched eSports tournament at the global level. This is mainly because of the huge LoL player base as well as its high production value. To put things into perspective, the game has over 100 million active users per month.

The tournament is organised by Riot Games, and happens every year, lasting for a time period of 7 weeks. 24 teams participated in 2017, fighting each other for the shared prize pool of more than $ 4 million. Samsung Galaxy took the title in the end, winning $ 1.7 million. Furthermore, the LoL World Championship 2018 knockout stage was held in October 2018, and the tournament was won by Invictus Gaming.


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