What are the Best Free Video Games in Pandemic Time?

For months now, life has changed fundamentally, not only in Germany. People all over the world are dependent on keeping themselves busy and not seeing other friends and acquaintances. There is no question that this also increases the demand for free video games.

Basically, every new customer and player at a casino has the opportunity to secure a few free spins, like at GamblingGuy where you can find online casinos that accept Venmo. The most popular slot machines are always available for selection. These are slot machines that have been in the favour of gamblers for many years.


Slot machines: Book of Ra

One of the classics among slot machines is Book of Ra. It is all about Egyptian myths, symbols and figures. With a spin of the reels, it is not only winnings that tempt you. With certain symbols of the Egyptian book, a player can also win free rounds. This game is equipped with various wild symbols. The more often the reels are spun, the higher the chances of additional free spins and winnings.



The second most popular video game is Starbust. To this day, it is one of the hottest slot machines, which also find a permanent place in many casinos. Players appreciate the many different bonuses and discounts associated with Starbust. In this game, you go on a trip around the world. Various wins are possible on the five reels and ten paylines. The paylines work in both reel directions and are additionally supported by further wild symbols. What stands out at first glance is the gigantic and impressive graphics, which are supported by sounds and music.


Mega Fortune

This slot promises a maximum jackpot value of 400,000 euros and is looking for lucky new winners every day. The winnings can increase steadily depending on how often players spin the wheel. The game design is based on most classic slot machines and relies on five reels and 25 substitute lines. In addition, the most popular free spins and standard wins are possible. The minimum bet for players is 5 euros.



In the list of the most popular video games, the classic Fortnite cannot be missing. This is a multiplayer shooter. On a large map, a player is on the move together with others and fights for his digital survival. The goal of each round is to be the last member of his team left. Each party always begins with the same start: the adventurers jump out of a flying bus together with other players at a lofty height. Then they head for a specific point on a map.

Don’t worry, thanks to the paraglider, each gambler lands gently on the ground. Each player has an arsenal of weapons at his disposal with which he can fight back. The playable area is then reduced again and again. Those who stay outside marked areas have their life points deducted. Thus, fewer and fewer participants are confronted with the duels.

Every player has to download Fortnite via the Epic Games Lounge and then get a free account to get started. In principle, this game is one of the examples of digital multiplayer games in which players virtually come together around the world on the screen and dive into another world. It can be assumed that this range of games will increase in the following years.


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