Why You Should Make Time to Play Games With Your Friends Now

There are so many options for people to play games now, whether it is on their phones, laptops or gaming consoles. With the global COVID-19 pandemic, the sales of gaming units has gone up dramatically. With more people staying home due to quarantine restrictions, many of them have picked up gaming as a hobby to play with their friends and loved ones.  

If you are looking for games to play with someone else, there are many web-based applications and websites dedicated to two player games to play with friends. Whether you are working from home or going into the office, you can rely on games to help you unwind after work and socialize with your friends on the other end.

Here are some reasons you should make some time to play games with your friends now.  


The COVID-19 Pandemic

The global pandemic has affected people in a variety of different ways, but one common theme is that it changed people’s lives from the way that they used to live. Now, people find themselves spending more time at home than they ever have before. Alcohol sales have gone up, and people are spending a lot more time staring at screens, whether it is for work or pleasure. That’s why connecting with friends during this time can be incredibly beneficial.

During the pandemic, new games have been created almost on a daily basis, whether they are web-based, app-based or new games for a gaming console. People have been streaming their gaming experiences much more online nowadays as well. Streaming services such as Twitch have seen surges in the number of users that they have had on a daily basis. Other streaming services like Facebook gaming have also seen growth during the pandemic.


Further Your Relationships

Being cooped up at home makes socializing with your friends that much more valuable and important. Using devices to communicate via the internet has made this so much easier. You can spend time hanging out with your friends on video calls with FaceTime or other video conferencing software, to play games like Call of Duty. Gaming is a great for you to develop your relationships further even though you are sheltering in place and staying safe.


Create a Community

For many people, not only does gaming allow them to get closer to their current friends, but it also gives them opportunities to meet new people and create their own community. With online gaming, people have been able to communicate with people from around the world and make friends with others that they would not have had the opportunity to do so otherwise. 

Online gaming is a unique opportunity to meet new people who have the same interests as you. You can create inside jokes, work in teams, and work through problems together. During the pandemic specifically, this has been a great opportunity for people since they are not able to meet people in conventional ways anymore. 


Focus on Your Mental Health

During the pandemic, people’s mental health has been at risk as they spend more time alone, without their normal routine to follow. Many people are struggling to stay positive, with a majority of their favorite pastimes being taken away from them. 

Before the pandemic, people socialized in bars or clubs, at sporting events, or in restaurants. With these common stress relievers gone, many people are struggling to cope with the added stress of the pandemic. That’s why it is important to focus on your mental health. 

Unwinding and relaxing by gaming with friends, speaking to family members, and visiting together online is so critical in these unprecedented times. Continue to practice self-care, and focus on things that bring you peace and joy.


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