Computex 2016 – Cooler Master Parachute VR Experience, 3D Printing and Live Twitching

Photo taken from last year's Computex 2016

An exclusive event coverage of Cooler Master booth with Parachute VR Experience, 3D Printing and Live Twitching at Computex 2016, direct from the TWTC Nangang Exhibition Hall, Taipei. We take a look at the Cooler Master booth at this year’s Computex. Let’s see what they’ve got in store for us in 2016!


Cooler Master

Cooler Master Co., Ltd. is a computer hardware manufacturer from Taiwan. Founded in 1992, the company is an aftermarket brand for computer chassis, PSU, coolers, cooling pads, and other accessories.


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Gathering the largest interest at the Cooler Master booth was an opportunity for people to try out a VR parachute simulation. As you pull on the cord to deploy the parachute in the VR environment, the lower back attachment actually released, giving the user an added sense of drop in the simulation. Another VR demonstration was Cooler Master’s ‘Make Music in VR’ demonstration, in which the user can hit notes around him/her in the VR environment to create tunes.

With 3D printers gaining more and more popularity, Cooler Master showcased a 3D printing system that allowed consumers to send in their own designs of mods and have it actually printed out for them:

Tim aka MSSH_NL was present at the Cooler Master booth for live streaming and gaming to his followers:


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