Computex 2017 – Antec, The All-in-One, P8, P110 and Razer Cube

This is the first time we met with Priscilla, she was great! Plus she speaks Cantonese πŸ˜› lol! She was kind enough to show around the suite. Some new chassis soon to be launched … the P8, Razer Cube and the P110. 



We also got to see some nice power supplies, a couple of modded PCs and a prototype gaming keyboard with Cherry blue switches. 

We also got the chance to see some nice booth (or suite) babes from Antec. But more importantly, there was a concept chassis in one of the other rooms at the suite. See below.

There’s no name to this is concept chassis called the “All-in-One” … all we know is that it’s made from Aluminium, it’s compatible with mini ITX motherboards, and it look awesome!


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